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Fontenelle Boulevard
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Fontenelle Boulevard is a roadway in the Omaha boulevard system located on the north end of Omaha, Nebraska. The boulevard shares its namesake Logan Fontenelle with several local institutions and fixtures, including Fontenelle Elementary School and Fontenelle Park.


Originally called Boulevard Avenue before 1900, Fontenelle Boulevard runs north from Military Road, intersecting with Sorenson Parkway at North 39th Street. It then flows northeast to become North 36th Street, which in turn becomes Martin Avenue. It effectively forms a ribbon from the neighborhood of Benson to Florence.

The Omaha Old People's Home was built at 3325 Fontenelle Boulevard in 1917, and today is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Nebraska School for the Deaf was located just off Fontenelle at 3223 North 45th Street. The Nebraska Children's Home Society built one of the first orphanages in Nebraska at 3549 Fontenelle Boulevard in 1885.

The American Lung Association Omaha Corporate Cup has been sporadically held along Fontenelle Boulevard since 1981.[1]

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Coordinates: 41°17′58″N 95°58′46″W / 41.29944°N 95.97944°W / 41.29944; -95.97944