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Not to be confused with Fozzy.
Origin Lisbon, Portugal
Genres Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Skate Punk, Alternative Rock, Melodic Hardcore
Years active 1996–present

Movieplay (Portugal) Transdreamer (USA) ULF (Japan)

Punk Nation / I Scream Records (Europe)
Associated acts Angry Odd Kids, All Time Low, Sum41, Avenida Zero
Members Hugo Maia
David Marques
João Marques
Past members Carlos Teixeira
Miguel Marques

Fonzie is a Portuguese rock band from Lisbon, formed in 1996. Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Hugo Maia, guitarist David Marques, bass guitarist Carlos Teixeira, and drummer João Marques. It was nominated for "Best Portuguese Act" two times at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2003 and in 2007. The band did three world tours playing in the four corners of the world for more than one time (USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore, UK, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina etc... Fonzie had shared the same stage with bands such as Linkin Park, Korn, Pennywise, The Offspring, Soulfly, Nofx, Millencolin, Jimmy Eat World, Lost Prophets, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Black Eyed Peas, Muse, Misfits, Nickelback and more. Their music were featured on major music TV channels throughout the world such as (MTV, MTV2, MTV ASIA, NBC, Fuse TV, MCM) and was played in the most prestigious radio stations around the world. Their song "Gotta Get Away" were featured in American MTV series "Laguna Beach" and "MTV MADE".


Formation and Built To Rock (1996–2003)[edit]

In 1996 Hugo Maia, João Marques and David Marques decided to form a band which they named as Fonzie. In 1997 the first promo tape Bring Me Up was released containing four tracks. The first EP with 10 songs called The Melo Pot was released in 1998; that same year sold out on every issue and which no longer exists any copies. Their the debut album Built To Rock was recorded in 2001 in Sweden with producer Pelle Saether, famous for producing bands like The Hives, Millencolin, and No Fun At All. In the same year Fonzie won a worldwide contest sponsored by Millencolin, to elect the best "Millencolin Cover Song". In 2002 Built To Rock was released by the North American publisher Jumpstart Records, followed by a contract with the Portuguese Movieplay, the Japanese ULF Records, the South American Sound Records, PunkNation Records in Belgium and Godschild Records in Hong Kong. They toured all over U.S., Europe, Asia and South America and Their videos were played in more than 20 territories on TV channels such as MTV, MCM, and Fuse. In 2003 Fonzie were nominated for best Portuguese act at MTV Europe Music Awards.

Wake Up Call (2004-2005)[edit]

In 2003 the band's second album "Wake Up Call" was released again produtor P.O.Saether, and features Nicola Sarcevic of Millencolin, Mats Olson, Agneta Olund, Jeremy Miers, Dj Alex (Tokyo) as special guests. The video for the first single of this album "Gotta Get Away" was filmed Hollywood (LA) and was directed by Darren Doane (Deftones, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, etc.). Taking advantage of the stay in LA, Fonzie perform a photo shoot with the highly prestigious photographer Joanne Smetts ("Morning View," Incubus). Megaforce Records, which since the beginning of 80's so far sold over 30 million records, the label is chosen to carry the Fonzie to American territory. Signing a contract for the publication of two albums. Megaforce is one of the most prestigious publishing worldwide label, having in its curriculum the release of "Kill'Em'All" and "Ride the Lighting" of Metallica and "Among The Living" of Anrhrax. 2004 and 2005 new world tour over U.S., Asia, Europe, South America and for the 1st time in Australia with 18 dates as Headliners and where 12 were "Sold Out".

Ten years of career and Shout It Out (2006-2008)[edit]

The years 2006/2008 marks the 10 years of Fonzie career which will be celebrated with the record of a new album which they decided to call "Shout It Out". After the release of "Shout It Out" Fonzie travel in a new world tour again all over the U.S., South America, Europe, Asia and Australia and were nominated again for best Portuguese act at MTV Europe Music Awards.

Angry Odd Kids and Caminho (2009-present)[edit]

The bassist Carlos Teixeira had formed a side project also Portuguese punk rock band in 2003 called Angry Odd Kids (aka A.O.K) where he plays guitar and back vocals. Because some members leave the band he had to find new members and their debut album "AOK" was just released in 2009)

After the release of Angry Odd Kids album Fonzie return to the studio to record a new album, in January 2009 the first single "A Tua Imagem" ("Your Image" in English) was released on YouTube.[1] In 2010 The (for first time sung entirely in Portuguese) album called "Caminho" ("Path" in English) was released along with the same titled second single. After they finish touring Carlos Teixeira leave to another side project called "Avenida Zero" and was replaced by JB as the bass player. In April 2013 their single "Renascer" ("Reborn") from the upcoming unnamed album debuted in YouTube.[1]

Band members[edit]



Studio albums
  • Built To Rock (2001)
  • Wake Up Call (2003)
  • Shout It Out (2007)
  • Caminho (2010)
  • TBA (2013)
Extended plays
  • Bring Me Up (1997)
  • The Melo Pot (1998)


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