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"Food, Glorious Food", written by Lionel Bart, is the opening song from the 1960s West End and Broadway musical (and 1968 film) Oliver! It is sung when the workhouse boys are dreaming and fantasizing about food while going to collect their gruel from the staff of the workhouse.

In popular culture[edit]

  • A variation of this song is sung by a group of vultures in the 2006 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios film Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.[1]
  • A variation of this song sung in CBBC children's program Horrible Histories 'Work Terrible Work' commenting on the child labor conditions of Victorian Children.[2]
  • A version called "Chips, Glorious Chips" was used in advertising McCain oven chips in the UK from 2006-2010.[3]
  • A version called "Cheese, Glorious Cheese" was used in advertising by the American cheese industry.[4]
  • In Dilbert, Wally sings "Food, Glorious Food." when heading to a vendor meeting.
  • In the trailer for the 2009 animated film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a re-edited version of this song is played when the food starts raining from the sky.[5]
  • In the video game Borderlands a Psycho sings "Food, Glorious Food".
  • In the video game Borderlands 2 a Psycho sings "Food, Glorious Food".
  • A version called "Toys, Glorious Toys" is briefly sung in a SpongeBob SquarePants episode titled "Toy Store of Doom".
  • A version was used in the trailer for the reality television series MasterChef Australia (season 2).
  • A variant is sung in the 1973 film Charlotte's Web by Templeton the Rat while at the carnival.
  • A version was sung in the American Dad! episode titled "With Friends Like Steve's".[6]
  • A British television cookery show, Food Glorious Food on ITV, STV and UTV.
  • A version of this song is sung to advertise "Cox Gigablast".
  • In New Zealand, Countdown supermarkets used the song as the background music for their 2015-2016 advertisements.
  • During Carpool Karaoke, James Corden and Flea sing "Food, Glorious Food" while Red Hot Chili Peppers were appearing on show.


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