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For information about the formerly affiliated Food Basics in the United States, see Food Basics USA.
Food Basics
Industry Retail
Founded 1995
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Products Dairy, frozen foods, grocery, general merchandise (non-food), meat/deli, pharmacy, produce, snacks
Parent Metro Inc.
Slogan Always More for Less

Food Basics is a discount Canadian supermarket chain owned by Metro Inc. with all stores located within Ontario. It was created by A&P Canada to compete with the successful No Frills warehouse-style supermarket operated by Loblaw Companies. It became part of the Metro group when A&P Canada was sold to Metro.

Food Basics prices are generally lower due to low maintenance (no free plastic bags, just free cardboard boxes), store decor is kept to a minimum and fewer staff are employed, mostly in part-time positions. The chain operates by pushing higher volumes on a limited selection of products than Metro stores allowing it to compete price-wise with other grocery stores. There are 117 locations in Ontario. 36 were franchise stores until Metro Inc. purchased all stores back by the end of 2008.

Some Food Basics feature a pharmacy, and are known as Food & Drug Basics.

Some locations are former Super Fresh or A&P supermarkets, dating from when both chains were operated by A&P,[1] or formerly bore banners such as A&P-owned Dominion (supermarket) or Métro-owned Super C.

In the past, the owners' name(s) appeared on the banner (e.g., 'John/Jane's Food Basics'); however, all stores are now simply called 'Food Basics'. Concurrent with this change is a different slogan, which was changed from "Best Prices Everyday!!!" to "Always more for less!"

In Fall 2006, Metro Inc. began to renovate Food Basics stores. The design and format of these new stores closely resemble Metro's Super C banner in Quebec. New store signs feature broken lettering and a larger emphasis on yellow, green and beige colours. In Spring 2007, Metro Inc. initiated their new BDMS inventory system into all of its warehouses.



124 locations:

Private label brands[edit]

A Food Basics store in Markham.
Food Basics in Toronto

Food Basics carries many products from Metro's private label brands:

  • "Irresistibles": premium quality products
  • "Selection": regular store-brand products
  • "Simply 1-2-3": low-price health and beauty products[citation needed]
  • "Simply Kids": baby products including diapers, baby food and other baby products[citation needed]
  • "Great Basics Finds": ready-to-assemble furniture, clothing, housewares and other seasonal items that are specially priced, available in limited quantities, for a limited time[citation needed]

Previous private label brands[edit]

  • "Master Choice": premium quality products.
  • "Equality": regular store-brand products.
  • "Basics for Less": large economy-sized products.
  • "The Baker's Oven": bakery products

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