Food City (Canada)

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Food City
Industry Supermarket
Fate Sold to Sobeys in 1998 and rebranded Price Chopper, now FreshCo
Defunct 1998
Products Meats/Deli, Produce, Frozen goods, Canned goods
Parent Oshawa Group

Food City or Food Town were Canadian supermarkets operated by the Toronto-based Oshawa Group. The stores were often paired with department store chain Towers.

A typical Food City store had:

  • Meats/Deli
  • Produce
  • Frozen goods
  • Canned goods

The stores employed a plastic numbered basket system at the checkout that would be placed onto rollers and/or a conveyor and then is loaded by staff at a drive-through. This system, which is becoming increasingly rare, is commonly referred to as parcel pickup or car order.

Smaller stores were re-branded as Food Town; the Food City name disappeared after the sale of the parent company to Sobeys in 1998. Many of the locations became Price Chopper stores, currently known as FreshCo.

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