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Food Fighters was an action figure collection released by Mattel in 1989. Proverbial for the concept of a food fight, the figures were all different types of anthropomorphic food dressed in military gear. Food Fighters consisted of ten figures and three accessory toys; a refrigerator playset was also designed but never produced. The characters were divided into two armies: the protagonist Kitchen Commandos and the antagonist Refrigerator Rejects.[1][2] Each figure was made of a soft, hollow plastic similar to a squeaky toy and included a small hand weapon and removable backpack. The tagline on the figures' packaging read, "Combat At Its Kookiest!"

Food Fighters were commonly sold at small discount store chains like Hills or Ben Franklin. The collection was also not backed by an animated series or comic book and, consequently, is not among the most well remembered action figure lines of the era.


The Kitchen Commandos wore black boots, green clothing, and carried red weapons.

The Refrigerator Rejects wore brown boots, black clothing, and carried blue weapons.

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