Food For Less

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Food For Less
Industry Retail
Founded 1980
Defunct 2010
Headquarters Australia
Number of locations
Parent Woolworths Limited

Food For Less was an Australian discount supermarket chain owned by Woolworths Limited. It was originally established in Queensland, where a discount 'food barn' chain operating as "Jack the Slasher" was acquired by Woolworths in the early 1980s. It later expanded into New South Wales and became the low-cost supermarket chain for Woolworths, competing with Franklins No Frills and Coles' Bi-Lo. The chain expanded on the purchase of 67 of the Franklins supermarket chain stores in New South Wales and Queensland by Woolworths. The "No Frills" stores then became Food For Less stores with a more upmarket appearance (edging closer to that of Woolworths) and also launched a new logo at the same time. It is positioned as a budget low-cost chain and while it mainly sells dry groceries and frozen perishables only, a small number of older stores also sell fruit and vegetables. Since 2010 most stores have closed or been refurbished and converted into Woolworths. As of April 2016 only 2 stores remain open, Roselands and Beresfield NSW. The store in Maryborough QLD closed its doors in November 2016. However, due to competition from Aldi, Woolworths have considered reviving the budget brand.


Food For Less currently advertises the same as Woolworths although some products are not available at most Food For Less stores, as they were usually smaller in footprint. However, it has advertised in local newspapers for the conversion of a number of Franklins No Frills stores to Food For Less in 2001. Food For Less has also used taglines in their stores in the past such as "Food For Less Guaranteed" and "You come for the price, stay for the service".


Food For Less generally sell dry groceries and frozen perishables only but selected stores can also sell fresh meat and may also have a fresh produce section, ranging from a limited to a large range of fruit and vegetables. Most stores also had a limited range of delicatessen foods.

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