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Food Lover’s Companion
Food Lovers Companion 4th.jpg
Fourth Edition cover
AuthorSharon Tyler Herbst
and Ron Herbst
CountryUnited States
SeriesBarron's Cooking Guide
SubjectFood and cooking
PublisherBarron's Educational Series
Publication date
1990 – 2015 (Deluxe 2nd)
Media typetrade paperback and hardcover (Deluxe edition only)
Pages928 (5th), 864 (Deluxe 2nd)
ISBN978-0764167034 (Deluxe 2nd)

Food Lover’s Companion is a book containing culinary terminology and conversion tables for cooking. Five editions have been published as of 2019.

The main section of the work is an A-to-Z list of defined culinary terminology, followed by a series of appendices.

Edition details
Edition Published ISBN Pages Entries
First January 1990 0-8120-4156-9 582 Over 3,000
Second January 1995 0-8120-1520-7 600 Over 4,000
Third March 2001 0-7641-1258-9 792 Nearly 6,000
Fourth August 2007 0-7641-3577-5 830 Over 6,700
Deluxe September 2009 0-7641-6241-1 794 Over 6,700
Fifth September 2013 978-1438001630 928 Over 7,200
Deluxe 2nd April 2015 978-0764167034 864 Over 7,200
Third Edition cover

The Second Edition is a searchable source text at Epicurious, and the Third Edition is a searchable source text at

Sharon Tyler Herbst—the primary author—wrote 16 food and beverage related books before her death on 26 January 2007. Her husband Ron—who writes about wine and cheese—finished editing the Fourth Edition after her death and is credited as the coauthor.


Bon Appetit hailed the book as "one of the best reference books we’ve seen, a must for every cook’s library", and The New York Times described it "As thick and as satisfying as a well-stuffed sandwich".[1]

Famous chef Emeril Lagasse called it his favorite book,[2] and it is required reading at the New England Culinary Institute.[citation needed]

Deluxe edition[edit]

After the 2007 edition was published, Ron Herbst and the staff of Barron's Educational Series drastically reorganized the book, breaking out much of the material into specialized glossaries on subjects like chocolate, liqueurs, charcuterie, and spices. This edition was published in hardcover as The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion and included a marker ribbon bound into the spine. The 2013 fifth edition received a similar treatment in April 2015.[citation needed]

Fourth edition appendices[edit]

In the deluxe editions, some of these have been folded into the glossary sections.

  • Ingredient Equivalents – Weight to volume conversions
  • Substituting Ingredients
  • Pan Substitution Chart
  • High-Altitude Baking Adjustments
  • Boiling Point of Water at Various Altitudes
  • General Temperature Equivalents
  • Hand Test for Grilling Temperatures
  • Oven Temperatures
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius Conversion Formulas
  • Microwave Oven Conversion Chart
  • Recommended Safe Cooking Temperatures
  • Candymaking Cold-Water Tests
  • Frying Temperatures
  • Smoke Points of Popular Oils
  • Fatty Acid Profiles of Popular Oils
  • U.S. Measurement Equivalents
  • Wine and Spirit Bottle Sizes
  • Approximate Metric Equivalents
  • Metric Conversion Formulas
  • Food Guide Pyramid
  • What's a Serving?
  • Food Label Terms
  • A Guide to Food Labels
  • Pasta Glossary
  • British and American Food and Cooking Terms
  • Seasoning Suggestions
  • Meat Charts
  • Food Additives Directory

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