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Food Records
Parent company EMI (1994-2000)
Founded 1984
Founder David Balfe, Andy Ross
Defunct 2000 (folded into Parlophone)
Distributor(s) Rough Trade
Country of origin United Kingdom

Food Records was a record label set up in 1984 by David Balfe, who later took on Andy Ross as his partner. Originally formed as an independent record label with distribution going through Rough Trade Distribution, Food also licenced acts though WEA Records, before becoming closely associated with the EMI group's Parlophone label. EMI invested in the label and then in 1994 EMI gained complete control and folded it into Parlophone in 2000.


Food was sold to EMI by David Balfe in 1994. Andy Ross continued running Food as a sub-label of EMI, where it was the record label of Blur, Idlewild, Jesus Jones, Dubstar, Octopus and Grass Show.


The Food catalogue lists the following releases under the FOOD catalog number (12 inch vinyl singles have an added T after the number):


Cat No. Artist Title Date Configuration
FOOD 1 Brilliant Soul Murder June 1984
FOOD 2 The Woodentops Plenty July 1984
FOOD 3 Brilliant Wait For It October 1984
FOOD 4 Zodiac Mindwarp Wild Child
FOOD 5 Brilliant It's A Man's World September 1985
FOOD 6 Brilliant Love Is War February 1986
FOOD 7 Brilliant Somebody July 1986
FOOD 8 Brilliant The End Of The World 86
FOOD 9 Voice of the Beehive Just A City March 1987
FOOD 10 Crazyhead Baby Turpentine July 1987
FOOD 11 Diesel Park West When The Hoodoo Comes July 1987
FOOD 12 Crazyhead Time Has Taken Its Toll On You
FOOD 14 Crazyhead Rags
FOOD 14 Crazyhead Have Love Will Travel EP
FOOD 15 Diesel Park West Jackie's Still Sad
FOOD 17 Diesel Park West All The Myths On Sunday
FOOD 18 Jesus Jones Info Freako
FOOD 19 Diesel Park West Like Princes Do
FOOD 20 Diesel Park West Hoodoo EP
FOOD 21 Jesus Jones Never Enough
FOOD 22 Jesus Jones Bring It On Down
FOOD 23 Various The Food Christmas EP December 1989
FOOD 24 Jesus Jones Real, Real, Real
FOOD 25 Jesus Jones Right Here, Right Now
FOOD 26 Blur She's So High October 1990 CD, MC, 7", 12"
FOOD 27 Jesus Jones International Bright Young Thing
FOOD 28 Jesus Jones Who? Where? Why?
FOOD 29 Blur There's No Other Way April 1991 CD, MC, 2x12"
FOOD 30 Jesus Jones Right Here, Right Now (Reissue)
FOOD 31 Blur Bang July 1991 CD, MC, 7", 12"
FOOD 33 Sensitize Maniac
FOOD 34 Various Food X-Mas Party 1991
FOOD 35 Diesel Park West Fall To Love
FOOD 36 Diesel Park West Boy On Top Of The News
FOOD 37 Blur Popscene March 1992 CD, MC, 7", 12"
FOOD 38 Sensitize Falling Through
FOOD 39 Diesel Park West God Only Knows
FOOD 40 Blur For Tomorrow April 1993 2xCD, MC, 12"
FOOD 41 Jesus Jones The Devil You Know
FOOD 42 Jesus Jones The Right Decision
FOOD 44 Jesus Jones Zeroes And Ones
FOOD 45 Blur Chemical World June 1993 2xCD, Red 7", 12" w/ Print
FOOD 46 Blur Sunday Sunday September 1993 2xCD, Yellow 7", 12" w/ Print
FOOD 47 Blur Girls & Boys March 1994 2xCD, MC, Numbered 7"
FOOD 48 Skyscraper Man Made Hell 1994
FOOD 49 Strangelove Time For The Rest Of Your Life
FOOD 50 Blur To The End May 1994 2xCD, MC, 12"
FOOD 51 Shampoo Trouble
FOOD 53 Blur Parklife August 1994 2xCD, MC, 12" Poster Pack
FOOD 54 Shampoo Viva La Megababes
FOOD 55 Strangelove Is There A Place?
FOOD 56 Blur End Of A Century November 1994 CD, MC, Numbered 7"
FOOD 57 Blur This Is A Low
FOOD 58 Shampoo Delicious
FOOD 60 Dubstar An Introduction To
FOOD 61 Dubstar Stars
FOOD 63 Blur Country House August 1995 2xCD, MC, 7"
FOOD 66 Shampoo Trouble
FOOD 67 Dubstar Anywhere
FOOD 68 Octopus Magazine
FOOD 69 Blur The Universal November 1995 2xCD, MC
FOOD 70 Strangelove Living With The Human Machines
FOOD 71 Dubstar Not So Manic Now
FOOD 73 Blur Stereotypes February 1996 CD, MC, Pink Gatefold 7"
FOOD 75 Dubstar Stars (Reissue)
FOOD 76 Shampoo Girl Power
FOOD 77 Blur Charmless Man April 1996 CD, MC, Gatefold 7"
FOOD 78 Octopus Your Smile
FOOD 79 The Supernaturals Smile
FOOD 80 Dubstar Elevator Song
FOOD 81 Strangelove Beautiful Alone
FOOD 82 Strangelove Sway
FOOD 83 Shampoo I Know What Boys Like
FOOD 84 Octopus Saved
FOOD 85 The Supernaturals Lazy Lover
FOOD 86 Grass~Show Out Of The Void
FOOD 87 Octopus Jealousy
FOOD 88 The Supernaturals The Day Before Yesterday's Man
FOOD 89 Blur Beetlebum January 1997 2xCD, Red 7"
FOOD 90 Grass~Show 1962
FOOD 91 Octopus Adrenalina
FOOD 92 The Supernaturals Smile (Reissue)
FOOD 93 Blur Song 2 April 1997 2xCD, Purple 7"
FOOD 94 Grass~Show Freak Show
FOOD 95 Jesus Jones The Next Big Thing
FOOD 96 Dubstar No More Talk
FOOD 97 Strangelove The Greatest Show On Earth
FOOD 98 Blur On Your Own June 1997 2xCD, White 7"
FOOD 99 The Supernaturals Love Has Passed Away
FOOD 102 Jesus Jones Chemical #1
FOOD 103 Grass~Show Out Of The Void (Reissue)
FOOD 104 Dubstar Cathedral Park
FOOD 105 Strangelove Freak
FOOD 106 The Supernaturals Prepare To Land
FOOD 107 Blur M.O.R. September 1997 CD, MC, Orange 7"
FOOD 108 Dubstar I Will Be Your Girlfriend March 1998
FOOD 109 Blur Death Of A Party
FOOD 110 Strangelove Another Night In
FOOD 111 Idlewild A Film For The Future April 1998 CD, 7"
FOOD 112 The Supernaturals I Wasn't Built To Get Up
FOOD 113 Idlewild Everyone Says You're So Fragile CD, 7"
FOOD 114 Idlewild I'm A Message 2xCD, 7"
FOOD 115 The Supernaturals Sheffield Song
FOOD 116 Idlewild When I Argue I See Shapes 2xCD, 7"
FOOD 117 Blur Tender February 1999 2xCD, MC, Blue 7"
FOOD 118 Liz Horsman Heavy High
FOOD 119 The Supernaturals Everest
FOOD 120 Blur Bugman
FOOD 121 Liz Horsman Just Thinking
FOOD 122 Blur Coffee + TV June 1999 2xCD
FOOD 123 Blur No Distance Left To Run November 1999 2xCD, MC, DVD
FOOD 124 Idlewild Little Discourage September 1999 2xCD, 7"
FOOD 125 Fungus Rebel
FOOD 126 Fungus A Fanclub Would Be Nice March 2000
FOOD 127 Idlewild Actually It's Darkness March 2000 2xCD, 7"
FOOD 128 Dubstar I (Friday Night)
FOOD 130 Fungus Real Me
FOOD 131 The Supernaturals Smile
FOOD 132 Idlewild These Wooden Ideas June 2000 2xCD, 7"
FOOD 133 Dubstar The Self Same Thing August 2000
FOOD 134 Idlewild Roseability October 2000 2xCD, 7"
FOOD 135 Blur Music Is My Radar October 2000 2xCD, MC, 12"
FOOD 136 Tenner Last Chance EP
FOOD 137 Matthew Jay Let Your Shoulder Fall March 2001
FOOD 138 Matthew Jay Please Don't Send Me Away June 2001


Cat No. Artist Title Date
BITE 1 Various Artists Imminent Episode One
BITE TWO Various Artists Imminent Two
FOOD LP 1 Crazyhead Desert Orchid
FOOD LP 3 Jesus Jones Liquidizer October 1989
FOOD LP 5 Jesus Jones Doubt January 1991
FOOD LP 6 Blur Leisure August 1991
FOOD LP 8 Jesus Jones Perverse
FOOD LP 9 Blur Modern Life Is Rubbish May 1993
FOOD LP 10 Blur Parklife April 1994
FOOD LP 11 Strangelove Time For The Rest Of Your Life
FOOD LP 12 Shampoo We Are Shampoo
FOOD LP 13 Dubstar Disgraceful
FOOD LP 14 Blur The Great Escape September 1995
FOOD LP 15 Strangelove Love And Other Demons
FOOD LP 18 Octopus From A To B
FOOD LP 19 Blur Blur February 1997
FOOD LP 20 Grass Show Something Smells Good In Stinkville
FOOD LP 21 The Supernaturals It Doesn't Matter Anymore
FOOD LP 22 Jesus Jones Already July 1997
FOOD LP 23 Dubstar Goodbye
FOOD LP 24 Strangelove Strangelove
FOOD LP 28 Idlewild Hope Is Important
FOOD LP 29 Blur 13 March 1999
FOOD LP 30 Dubstar Make It Better
FOOD LP 31 Fungus Rookie Season
FOOD LP 32 Idlewild 100 Broken Windows
FOOD LP 33 Blur The Best Of October 2000
FOOD LP 34 Matthew Jay Draw

The Food Christmas EP[edit]

In December 1989, Food Records released a Christmas EP (FOOD 23) that featured Food artists covering each other's songs, the line up was:

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