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FSTA - Food Science and Technology Abstracts
FSTA Logo in Colour.jpg
Producer IFIS Publishing
Languages 29 Languages
Disciplines Food Science and Technology
Temporal coverage 1969-present

FSTA, also known as FSTA - Food Science and Technology Abstracts, is produced by IFIS Publishing.

FSTA is a bibliographic abstracting and indexing (A&I) database of scientific and technological research and information relating to food, beverages, and nutrition. It contains over 1,150,000 indexed records, with full-text links where available.[1]

The database is used by researchers, industry practitioners, and students.


In addition to over 4,000 active and historical journals, FSTA indexes books, trade publications, reviews, conference proceedings, reports, patents, and standards. Updated weekly, its records are indexed against IFIS' thesaurus, which contains over 10,700 food science keywords, curated and structured into food-centric hierarchies.

With records dating back to 1969, FSTA contains information sources in 29 languages, sourced from publishers in over 50 countries.

Coverage includes all major commodities in the food and beverage industry, related applied and pure sciences, pet food, food processing, food safety, food economics, and nutrition.[2]

Online access[edit]

FSTA can be accessed through EBSCOhost,[3] IHS Inc.,[4] OvidSP,[5] Proquest Dialog,[6] STN[7] and Web of Science.[8]


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