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Food & Water Watch
Food & Water Watch logo.png
Founded 2005 (2005)
Focus Consumer protection
Area served
Key people
Maude Barlow (Chairperson)
Wenonah Hauter (Executive Director)

Food & Water Watch is a Washington, D.C.-based non-governmental organization and consumer rights group which focuses on corporate and government accountability relating to food, water, and fishing. Food and Water Watch employs a four pronged effort focusing on public and policymaker education, lobbying, media, and Internet activism. Food & Water Watch became independent from its parent organization, Public Citizen, in 2005.

Food & Water Watch was the first to break the news of the high rate of salmonella in US chicken processing plants in July 2006.[1] Food and Water Watch has also been critical of the growing bottled water industry for health and environmental concerns.[2] On August 24, 2007, Food & Water Watch announced success in its effort to get Starbucks Coffee to stop using milk originating from rBGH-treated cows, after Starbucks, in a letter to executive director Wenonah Hauter,[3] stated that by December 31, 2007, all of the dairy products used in company-operated stores would be produced with rBGH-free milk.[4][5]

Charity Watch rates Food & Water Watch an "A" grade.[6]


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