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FounderHoeper Family & various others
Number of locations
120 (2017)
Area served
Northern Territory, Broken Hill, South Australia
Key people
Con Sciacca (CEO)
ProductsGroceries/Food and Drink
OwnerIndependent/Families(stores) Metcash (Brand name)
Number of employees
ParentMetcash (Brand name) Stores: Independent

Foodland is an Australian supermarket brand with 120 locations, primarily in South Australia, but also in the Northern Territory. Foodland is owned by IGA (Australia). The stores are independently owned and operated, although several operators own multiple stores, the largest groups being Drakes Supermarkets, Romeo's Retail Group, Commercial Retail Group and Eudunda Farmers.[1] Drakes Supermarkets own over 40 supermarkets,[2] while Romeo's Retail Group is the second largest owner with 20 plus supermarkets branded as Foodland, as well as others branded IGA and SupaIGA.[3]


The First Foodland store was run by the Hoeper family, at Glenelg South. Established in 1871, the store became a Foodland in 1962–the first store to do so, the store has been expanded and modified over the years to become a small shopping centre and is now run by Romeo's Retail Group.

Foodland was founded in 1962 and had 32-38 original stores banding together, that number has now grown to over 110, Primarily across South Australia and a few in the Northern Territory.

In 1974 Drakes Supermarkets was founded by Roger Drake.

Some larger stores were called Foodland SupaFresh, until Foodland decided to stop using the SupaFresh name.[citation needed]

In 2005 the Foodland brand name was bought by Metcash-owned IGA (Australian supermarket group). The stores are independently owned, and reflect their individual owners and locations.[1]

In April 2014 Con Sciacca was appointed Foodland CEO, he previously held several positions at Metcash and was Promoted to CEO of Foodland after over 10 years of other positions in Metcash including CEO of Franklins.

In 2015/2016 Foodland introduced a new sub slogan, "great food lives here" and a new ad that brought a new Version of "The Mighty South Aussies" jingle.[4] While in late 2015 Foodland also announced the creation of 22 new stores with over half to be completed by mid-2017, a quarter of all stores will also be upgraded and/or enlarged, thus creating jobs.

In 2017 a Canstar survey revealed that Foodland had the most satisfied customers of any Australian Supermarket, earning 5 stars, dethroning ALDI which held the spot of number 1 for 3 years, ALDI scored 4 stars along with IGA scoring 4 stars. Coles and Woolworths scored 3 Stars each.[citation needed]

Major operators[edit]

Drakes Supermarkets[edit]

Drakes Supermarkets
Key people
Roger Drake, CEO

Drakes Supermarkets first store opened in 1974 at Mitcham in South Australia, by Roger Drake and has since expanded to become South Australia's largest independent supermarket chain,[5] and the largest owner of Foodland stores.[2]

The majority of Drakes Supermarkets are operated as Foodland or IGA brands.

In May 2018, Drakes announced that it would be building its own distribution centre in Edinburgh North, expected to be completed by the end of June 2019. Drakes already operated its own fruit and vegetable distribution centre in Pooraka and meat distribution centre at Beverley.[6]

Romeo's Retail Group
Key people
Tony and Elisabeth Romeo, Owners

Romeo's Retail Group[edit]

Romeo's Retail Group owns several Foodland and IGA stores and are the second largest owner of Foodland Stores.[3]

Eudunda Farmers[edit]

Eudunda Farmers is a co-operative established at Eudunda in country South Australia in 1896.[7] It owns many country Foodland stores.

Chapley brothers[edit]

The Chapley brothers, John and Nick, own a large number of metropolitan Adelaide Foodland stores. Commercial Retail Group (CRG) runs two of the flagship stores, at Pasadena and the award-winning Frewville Foodland. Pasadena and Frewville also trade as "the world's finest supermarkets".[8]

Klose family[edit]

The Klose family runs a number of Foodland supermarkets in the Adelaide Hills.[9][10]

Rugless family[edit]

The Rugless family, originally from Brighton, SA, originally owned a chain of butcher shops before venturing into supermarkets. They have owned and operated 10 stores.[11]


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