Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations

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Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations is a 2002 cookbook by Lois Ellen Frank, food historian, cookbook author, photographer, and culinary anthropologist.[1][2]:188[3] The book won a 2003 James Beard award, the first Native American cuisine cookbook so honored.[2]:188[4][5] CNN called it "the first Native American cookbook to turn the heads of James Beard Foundation award judges".[6][7]

Frank was working in advertising as a commercial photographer for mass-market food and beverage products when a mentor questioned the meaningfulness of her work, and she had a "moment of reckoning."[8][7] She proposed a book on Native American cuisine to publishers in New York, who told her "that Native people didn't have a cuisine, and that I didn't have the credentials to write any such book."[7] She returned to school to earn a Master's and then a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, and recalls that "at the time, they were teaching that American cuisine was made up of immigrant populations. The traditions of Native kitchens were largely overlooked."[7]

The book was published in 2002 by Ten Speed Press and collects recipes from the Hopi, Ute, Pueblo, and other Southwestern tribes.[7][9][10]


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