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Founded 2002
Founder Thilo Bode
Focus Consumer rights
Area served
Key people
Thilo Bode, president
Slogan Foodwatch fights for consumers' rights

Foodwatch is a European organization that focuses on protecting consumer rights[1] as they pertain to food quality.[2] Was founded in October 2002 in Berlin by former Greenpeace executive director Thilo Bode.[3][4] As of 2012 the organization was active in Germany and the Netherlands.

In 2008 they reported that uranium concentrations in German tap water exceeded the permitted levels.[5]

An important aspect of Foodwatch's activities consists of investigating manufacturers claims in marketing campaigns and on packaging. Each year Foodwatch delivers the Goldener Windbeutel (German)/Gouden windei (Dutch), given to the product whose packaging is the most misleading as voted on by visitors to the website. In 2009 the award went to Actimel.[6] In the 2012 campaign, Foodwatch criticized Becel pro-active, a Unilever product which is supposed to lower the risk of coronary disease. Foodwatch demanded Unilever stop selling the product,[7] leading to considerable scrutiny of the product and countercriticism by the manufacturer.[8]


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