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Foodworld Supermarkets Pvt Ltd
Industry Retail
Founded 1996
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka,
Number of locations
67 [1]

Foodworld, previously known as Spencer's Daily, is a chain of supermarket stores. It was started in May 1996 as a division of Spencer & Co, a part of the RPG Group. In August 1999, it became a separate company. Currently it operates 73 stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore & Chennai.

Key people[edit]

  • Mr. Venkatesh P - CEO
  • Mr. Naveen Duggal - Chief Financial Office
  • Mr. Eby Mathews - Chief Operation Officer
  • Mr. Jamaluddin Khilji - HR Director
  • Mr. Venkata Subbaiah M - Head of Legal
  • Mr. Ajithkumar E - Senior IT Director
  • Mr. Shashedar N - Head Administration
  • Mr. Prakash Nair     - Head Learning & Development

Store formats[edit]

The FoodWorld brand currently operates in four store formats.

  • Foodworld Supermaket store
  • Foodworld Gourmet store
  • Foodworld Superstore
  • Foodworld Express store

Foodworld Supermaket store[edit]

FoodWorld Supermaket store is the main format store with 3000-5000 sq ft size. It Operates as a regular supermarket.

Foodworld Gourmet store[edit]

Foodworld Gourmet store is a new concept store with 2,800 sq ft (260 m2) size in Bangalore, India. The Store caters to customers seeking a selection of gourmet products. Available in-store are produce and a selection of international food and beverage items sourced both from domestic and international suppliers.

Foodworld Superstore[edit]

Foodworld Superstore is the company's Large store format. Spanning over 15,000 sq ft (1,400 m2), currently only one store exists in the city of Hyderabad. Along with the extensive grocery range and bakery products, the store also offers for sale common household goods and baby products (including toys and clothes).

Foodworld Express store[edit]

Foodworld Express is a convenience store and mini-marts with 1000-1500 sq ft. It carries basic Fresh range offers, wider ranges in drinks, snacks, bakery, confectionery and impulse products.

Locations and store numbers[edit]

The company has a presence in the following cities.[2]

City Supermarket/Express Gourmet Store Superstore Total
Bangalore 39 1 0 40
Hyderabad 20 0 1 21
Chennai 6 0 1 7
Coimbatore 5 0 0 5
Total 70 1 2 73

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