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A Fool, The Fool, or Fools can or may refer to:

Fool, The Fool, or Fools may also refer to:


Games and Tarot[edit]


  • The Fool (novel), an 1880 Armenian language novel by the novelist Raffi
  • The Fool, by H. C. Bailey 1927
  • Fool (novel), a 2009 novel by Christopher Moore
  • Fools (play), a 1981 play by Neil Simon
  • The Fool (fictional character), a fictional character in The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb
  • The Fool (play), a 1975 play by the English playwright Edward Bond
  • The Fool, a 1992 comic book superhero created by Randy Zimmerman (2 issues Mythic Comics, 3 short stories in Arrow Anthology 1 and 3, and Arrow Spotlight 1, and 1 issue reprinted in Zimm's Heroic Takes by Arrow Comics)


  • Fruit fool, a dish made with cooked fruit such as gooseberries or bilberries
  • Ful medames (variant spelling)





Other uses[edit]

  • The Motley Fool, a commercial stocks and financial investing advice website and personal fiance ( nicknamed "the Fool"
  • In Mexican American speech, a friend or buddy, e.g. "Hey fool, what's up?"
  • FOOLS International: The Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society
  • ful (pronounced 'fool') or ful medames, a Middle Eastern dish made from fava beans
  • Libreville International Airport, ICAO airport designator

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