Fool's Gold Records

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Fool's Gold Records
FG white.jpg
Founded 2007
Founder Alain Macklovitch
Nick Barat
Distributor(s) seed worldwide, ADA
Genre Hip hop, electronic
Country of origin United States
Location Brooklyn, New York
Official website Official website of Fool's Gold Records

Fool's Gold Records is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York, United States.[1] The label is known for its annual series of Day Off concerts across the US and Canada.


Fool’s Gold Records was founded in 2007 by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs. It established itself with releases bridging the worlds of all music genres together to the world while being dubbed an "indie innovator" by Billboard and a "tastemaker label" by the New York Times, and "one of the most influential indies in the music business" by Pitchfork.[citation needed]


2016 Concert Series[edit]

The New York Edition of the 2016 Concert Series features includes Lil Yachty, Dave East, Nick Catchdubs, Leaf, A-Trak, and Juelz Santana.[10] The New York event will commence on August 20, then Miami on September 17, and LA on September 25.[10]


Fool’s Gold Records Discography[11]
Release date Artist Title Format Catalogue
2016 Various Artists Fool's Gold Presents: Night Shift FGRNS001
2016 Rome Future Jerome Raheem Fortune Digital Download FGRLP014
2016 Leaf Ride Digital Download FGR146
2016 Dombresky Reaching Perfection Digital Download FGR144
2016 Gladiator Transit Digital Download FGR143
2016 Promnite Work It Out Digital Download FGR145
2015 Meyhem Lauren Money In My Pocket Digital Download FGR142
2015 A-Trak We All Fall Down Remixes Digital Download FGR134-R
2015 Alvin Risk Beastmode Digital Download FGR141
2015 LNDN DRGS Aktive Free Download FGRLD
2015 GrandMarshall My Brother's Keeper Digital Download FGRLP013
2015 Tommy Trash Luv U Giv Digital Download FGR136
2015 Brenmar Award Remixes Digital Donwload FGR114-R
2015 Treasure Fingers & BOSCO MYNE Digital Download FGR139
2015 Black Atlass Tonight Digital Download FGR137
2015 A-Trak We All Fall Down (ft. Jamie Lidell) Digital Download FGR134
2015 Rome Fortune Dance Digital Download FGR138
2015 Kittens & Gladiator Cute Free Download FGR140
2015 High Klassified Kronostasis Digital Download FGR135
2015 Nick Catchdubs More Smoke Digital Download FGRLP012-R
2015 Hoodboi Palm Reader Remixes Digital Download
2015 Madeaux New Wav Digital Download FGR132
2015 Black Atlass Haunted Paradise Digital Download FGR133
2015 BROCKHAMPTON Dirt Digital Download FGR130
2015 Malaa Pregnant Digital Download FGR131
2015 Giraffage No Reason Remixes Digital Download FGR111-R
2015 Falcons Terra Digital Download FGR127
2015 ManMan Savage Takin Shots Digital Download FGR129
2015 Sleepy Tom Pusher (feat. Anna Lunoe) Digital Download FGR115
2015 L-Deez Lamborghini Ferrari Digital Download FGR124
2015 Ta-ku Songs To Make Up To Digital Download, 12" FGR129
2015 BOSCO Boy Digital Download FGR128
2015 Nick Catchdubs Smoke Machine Digital Download FGRLP012
2015 Shash'U PWRFNK Digital Download, 12" FGR125
2015 Nina Las Vegas & Swick Cool Sports Digital Download FGR123
2015 Hoodboi Palm Reader Digital Download FGR122
2015 DJ Scene & Four Color Zack Slap It Down Digital Download FGR121
2015 Fame School Money Machine (feat. Manolo Rose) Digital Download FGR120
2015 MNDR & Sweet Valley Dance 4 A Dollar Digital Download, 10" FGR119
2015 Low Pros Who Wanna Play (feat. Que) Digital Download FGR118
2015 Leaf Magnet Bitch Digital Download FGR117
2015 tshawntrusst I'm That Nigga Digital Download FGR116
2015 Sleepy Tom Pusher (feat. Anna Lunoe) Digital Download FGR115
2015 Brenmar Award Digital Download FGR114
2015 Shash'U Thru Da Night Digital Download, 12" FGR113
2015 Tchami Promesses (feat. Kaleem Taylor) Digital Download FGRCH007
2014 A-Trak Push (feat. Andrew Wyatt) Digital Download, 12" FGR112
2014 Giraffage No Reason Digital Download, 12" FGR111
2014 Sammy Bananas Money Time (feat. Antony & Cleopatra) Digital Download FGR110
2014 Nick Catchdubs Wuts That (feat. BIC) Digital Download FGR109
2014 Oliver Light Years Away Digital Download FGR108
2014 Various Artists Fool's Gold Draft Picks '14 Digital Download FGRDRAFT14
2014 Treasure Fingers & Bosco Names Digital Download FGR107
2014 Danny Brown Smokin & Drinkin Remixes Digital Download, 12" FGRLP009-SD
2014 Federal Reserve Dipsh*ts Digital Download FED001
2014 A-Trak + Milo & Otis Out The Speakers Digital Download FGR104
2014 Sleepy Tom Jobless Digital Download FGR103
2014 Low Pros (Lex Luger & A-Trak) EP1 Digital Download FGR105
2014 Party Supplies Going Back to New York / Beautiful Girl Remixes Digital Download FGR102
2014 Danny Brown 25 Bucks Digital Download FGRLPD009-25
2014 Various Artists Pyrite Breaks 12"
2014 Duck Sauce Quack Digital Download, 12", CD FGRLP040
2014 Duck Sauce NRG Digital Download, 12" FGRLP010-NRG
2014 DaVinci & Sweet Valley Ghetto Cuisine Digital Download FGRLP011
2014 Savage Skulls Dachstein Digital Download FGR101
2014 Gladiator Assembly Line Digital Download FGR099
2014 100s IVRY Digital Download FGR100
2014 High Klassified Palindroma Digital Download FGR098
2014 Black Atlass Young Bloods Digital Download FGR097
2014 Sammy Bananas Flexin' Digital Download, 12" FGR094
2013 Anna Lunoe Breathe Remixes Digital Download UL4733
2013 Sinden Ring Around the Moon Remixes Digital Download FGR096
2013 A-Trak & Oliver Zamboni Digital Download FGR095
2013 Oliver Mechanical Remixes Digital Download FGR093
2013 Danny Brown Old Digital Download, 12", CD FGRLP009
2013 Anna Lunoe Breathe Digital Download UL4613
2013 World's Fair Bastards of the Party Digital Download FGRLP008
2013 Party Supplies Tough Love Digital Download, 12", CD FGRLP007
2013 Carli The Weekender Digital Download FGR092
2013 Nick Catchdubs Bizness (ft. IAMSU! & Jay Ant) Digital Download FGR091
2013 RL Grime High Beams Digital Download FGR090
2013 Sinden Ring Around the Moon Digital Download FGR089
2013 Run the Jewels Run the Jewels Digital Download, 12" FGRLP006
2013 Black Atlass Paris Digital Download, 7" FGR088
2013 Sleepy Tom The Currency Digital Download FGR087
2013 Fifteenth Yesterday Digital Download FGR086
2013 Funkin Matt We Are Electric Digital Download FGR085
2013 Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink Nomads Digital Download FGR084
2013 A-Trak Tuna Melt Remixes Digital Download FGR083
2013 Bames DRTY BWTY Digital Download FGR082
2013 Carli Look Up Digital Download FGR081
2013 Oliver Mechanical Digital Download, 12" FGR080
2012 Sweet Valley Jenova Digital Download FGR079
2012 Various Artists Fool's Gold Presents: Loosies Digital Download, USB Box Set FGR078
2012 A-Trak Tuna Melt Digital Download, 12" FGR077
2012 Funkin Matt I Wish Digital Download FGR076
2012 Tommy Trash Truffle Pig Digital Download FGR072
2012 Carnage Bang! Digital Download FGR075
2012 Various Artists Clubhouse Vol. 3 Digital Download FGRCH003
2012 Jokers of the Scene Killing Jokes Digital Download FGR074
2012 A-Trak & Zinc Like the Dancefloor (Stingray) [feat. Natalie Storm] Digital Download FGR073
2012 Sweet Valley Eternal Champ Digital Download FGR069
2012 Telephoned Last Time Digital Download FGR071
2012 Cardo Everything I$ Gold Digital Download FGR070
2012 Crookers Bowser Digital Download FGR068
2012 Donnis Break Hundreds & Hearts Digital Download FGR067
2012 A-Trak & Dillon Francis Money Makin' Remixes Digital Download FGR066
2012 Various Artists Clubhouse Vol. 2 Digital Download FGRCH002
2012 Style of Eye Ray Dee Oh (feat. Gina Turner) Digital Download FGR065
2012 Sweet Valley Stay Calm Digital Download FGR064
2012 Various Artists Clubhouse Vol. 1 Digital Download
2012 Ricky Blaze Crash the Party Digital Download FGR063
2012 Cubic Zirconia Darko Digital Download FGR062
2012 Donnis Hello Kitty Digital Download FGR061
2012 Orna Deep in the Night Digital Download, 12" FGR060
2012 Danny Brown Grown Up Digital Download FGR059
2012 A-Trak & Dillon Francis Money Makin' Digital Download, 12" FGR058
2012 NAPT Tom Toms Digital Download FGR057
2012 Flosstradamus Jubilation 2.0 Digital Download FGR056
2012 LA Riots Lift Off Digital Download FGR055
2012 A-Trak Piss Test (feat. Danny Brown & Juicy J Digital Download, 12" FGR054
2012 A-Trak Ray Ban Vision (feat. CyHi Da Prynce) Digital Download FGR053
2012 Danny Brown XXX Digital Download, 12" FGRLP005
2012 NT89 Voices Digital Download FGR052
2012 Telephoned Ring Ring Digital Download FGR051
2012 Li'll Bo Tweak Snap Crackle N Pop Digital Download FGR050
2012 Jokers of the Scene J0T5 RMXD Digital Download FGR049
2012 Jokers of the Scene J0T5 Digital Download FGR048
2011 A-Trak & Zinc Stingray Digital Download FGR045
2011 Flosstradamus Jubulation Digital Download FGR047
2011 Kid Sister Kiss & Tell Digital Download FGR044
2011 Cubic Zirconia Take Me High Digital Download FGR046
2011 Various Artists 4 Deep 12"
2011 Fifteenth 15th Digital Download FGR043
2011 Cubic Zirconia Follow Your Heart Digital Download, 12"
2011 Kingdom Take Me Digital Download FGR042
2011 Para One & Tacteel Fair Enough Digital Download FGR041
2011 Kid Gloves Music Power Digital Download FGR040
2011 Rogerseventytwo You Take Me Higher 12" FGR039
2011 Sammy Bananas Move your Body Digital Download FGR038
2011 Jokers of the Scene Joking Victim 12", Digital Download FGR037
2011 Treasure Fingers featuring Haley Small Keep Up 12" FGR036
2010 Kid Gloves Bare Knuckle Digital Download FGR035
2010 LA Riots The Drop Digital Download FGR034
2010 K.L.A.M Funky 4 EP 12" FGR033
2010 Greenmoney Gold Ru$h EP Digital Download FGR032
2010 Jokers of the Scene Revolting Joks 12" FGR031
2010 Nacho Lovers Deeper 12" FGR030
2010 Congorock Babylon 12" FGR029
2010 Kingdom Mind Reader 12" FGR028
2010 Donnis Gone 12" FGR027
2009 Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer Blau! 12" FGR026
2010 Duck Sauce Greatest Hits 12" FGR025
2010 Bag Raiders Big Fun EP 12" FGR024
2009 The Count & Sinden Mega 12" FGR024
2009 Crookers What Up Y’all 12" FGR022
2009 Malente I Like It 12" FGR021
2009 Jokers Of The Scene Baggy Bottom Boys Remixes Digital FGR002
2009 Alexander Robotnick Obsession For The Disco Freak 12" FGR020
2009 DJ Gant-Man Juke Dat Girl 12" FGR019
2009 Kid Sister Get Fresh 12" FGR018
2009 Congorock Runark 12" FGR017
2009 Trackademicks Enjoy What You Do 12" FGR016
2008 Laidback Luke & A-Trak Shake It Down 12" FGR015
2008 Nacho Lovers Acid Life / Go On 12" FGR014
2008 Jokers Of The Scene Acid Bagg 12" FGR013
2008 Various Artists Fool’s Gold Remixed 12" .
2008 Sammy Bananas Braids & Fades 12" FGR012
2008 Four Color Zack & Pretty Titty Sing Sing Breaks 12" FGR011
2008 Treasure Fingers Cross The Dancefloor 12" FGR010
2008 Kid Sister Remixes 12" FGR009
2008 Kavinsky Blazer EP FGR008
2008 Jokers Of The Scene Y’all Know The Name 12" FGR007
2008 Kid Cudi / Crookers Day ‘N’ Nite / Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix) 12" FGR006
2007 Kid Sister Pro Nails / Super High Shine Remixes 12" FGR005
2008 Sammy Bananas High Top Fades 12" FGR004
2008 The Cool Kids 88 / I Rock 12" FGR003
2008 A-Trak Dirty South Dance Remixes 12" FGR002
2007 Kid Sister Control 12" FGR001



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