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This article is about the band. For the book by Jim Butcher, see Fool Moon (novel).
Fool Moon
Fool Moon 2016.jpg
Fool Moon in 2016
Background information
Origin Szeged, Hungary
Genres A cappella, vocal pop
Years active 2001–present
Labels Warner-Magneoton, MDB Records, Schubert Music Publishing
Members Tamás Mészáros
Gábor Molnár
Márk Zentai
Barnabás Wodala
Miklós Németh
Past members Máté Deák (2001-2002)
András Deák (2001-2003)
Ignác Czutor (2001-2008)
Gergő Rácz (2005-2015)

Fool Moon is an a cappella vocal group, formed in Szeged, Hungary in September 2001.

The group released its debut album titled Stars in 2003 featuring their own five part a cappella arrangements of Hungarian pop hits. Apart from Hungarian songs, the repertoire of Fool Moon includes songs in French, Italian and in English; a cappella versions of songs from artists such as Sting, Eric Clapton and Paul Simon. Moreover, on their album Acappelland (2008), it contains a song in Bantu.

In 2008, their joint project with Kriszta Kovács titled Arany-óra was a powerful attempt to press the limits of performing Hungarian literature in a cappella.

In 2012, Fool Moon returned to pop music releasing their album GeorgeMichaelJackson5, a collection of their personal favorites of songs from Michael Jackson and George Michael.

Also in 2012, Fool Moon composed their first original Hungarian pop a cappella hit, the first Hungarian a cappella pop song, titled “Kettesben jó”. The song was commissioned for a Hungarian youth film titled Sherlock Holmes nevében and was played during the film's end credits in cinemas in Hungary and abroad.

In December 2012, they went on an advent tour with Takács Nikolas, and the album Music & Soul, which captured the songs performed in this tour, peaked on Hungarian pop charts.


Ever since the band formed, Fool Moon has worked together with many other Hungarian artists including Gábor Presser (“1 koncert”), Zséda (“Ünnep”), Péter Szolnoki (Bon-Bon album Dupla élvezet), Andrea Malek (“Retúr”), Adrienn Szekeres (“Olyan mint te”), Edina Szirtes (“Mókus”), Kriszta Kováts (“Arany-óra”), Magna Cum Laude (“Magnatofon”) and Marton Edvin.

In addition, the band took part in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Belgrade in 2008 with the Hungarian contestant Csézy as backing singers.


Fool Moon regularly sings at a number of international festivals, in which they have shared the stage with many stars of the international a cappella scene (Rock4, A'Cappella ExpreSSS, Vocal Sampling, Idea of North, Velvet Voices). Throughout their career, Fool Moon has performed in 15 countries including Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Cultural activities[edit]

With the aim of increasing the popularity of a cappella music, in 2005 Fool Moon launched the one and only a cappella event in Hungary, the Fool Moon International Acappella Festival in their home town of Szeged. Inviting vocalists and groups they have met during their performances throughout Europe and beyond, the band has continued to organize this unique festival each Autumn with ever increasing popularity and success.

Fool Moon has given over 250 lectures on the history of a cappella singing throughout Hungary, organized by the Hungarian Philharmonic Society for 6 to 18-year-old students.

International and Hungarian Awards[edit]

In 2005, the band received first prize in pop category at the Ward Swingle A Cappella Contest in Graz, one of the most prestigious European contests, which placed Fool Moon among the top a cappella groups in Europe.

In 2006, at the 6th Taiwan International Acappella Contest, the group earned another first place as well as two special prizes, and in 2010 at the Italian Solevoci International Acappella Contest, they were awarded the prize for best arrangement for their folk song medley titled “Szerelem, szerelem…”.

Featured on their album Acappelland, this medley also received a nomination for CARA award in the category of folk/world music in a truly distinguished collection of competing songs from groups like King’s Singers, Neri per Caso or Take6.

In 2013, the Fool Moon album in collaboration with Takács Nikolas titled Music & Soul received a Fonogram Prize nomination.

  • 2003 - Ward Swingle Award 3. prize
  • 2005 - Ward Swingle Award 1. prize
  • 2006 - Taiwan International Acappella Award
  • 1. prize
  • Best Soloist (Ignac Czutor)
  • Best Arrangement (Miklos Nemeth for "Love, Love")
  • 2008 - CARA nomination in Best Folk/World Song category ("Love, Love")
  • 2010 - Best Arrangement ("Love, Love"), Solevoci International Acappella Contest
  • 2013 - Music & Soul CD Fonogram - prize nomination



  • 2003: Csillagok... ("Stars...")
  • 2003: Vigyél el
  • 2005: Merry Christmas
  • 2006: 5election (Taiwan only)
  • 2008: Arany-óra (Kovács Kriszta & Fool Moon)
  • 2008: Acappelland
  • 2010: 10 years (Taiwan only)
  • 2012: GeorgeMichaelJackson5
  • 2012: Music & Soul (Takács Nikolas & Fool Moon)
  • 2014: Kettesben jó

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