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Fool el seen el azeem (The great beans of China) is an Egyptian comedy film, directed by Sherif Arafa in 2004.[1]

Fool el seen el azeem stars Mohamed Henedi as Mohyee El-Sharkawi, he plays as a young man with no life, low grades, no job, and certainly no experience in life, basically a loser in society. He is an innocent member of a family full of crooks that try to teach him to become one of them, and in several failed attempts, he seems to have made some enemies that come after him. As an attempt to escape, his family sends him off to China (Seen), to take the place of his father in law in an international cooking competition, which he wins by finding an amazing beans recipe in one of China's supermarkets. Mohyee has never been in an airplane before and he was scared to his knees to ever get on one, and on top of all that, he has faced some very tragic but funny accidents on the plane. Furthermore, In China he meets his Chinese assistant "Lee" and falls in love with her and he wanted to marry her, however, her father wasn't very happy about the idea judging by how Mohyee was a lifeless coward, but at the end, many opinions changed and many smiles were raised. Through Mohyee's journey, Lee's family implied their Chinese wisdom and capabilities upon him and taught him to be a real man with the use of multiple tasks and trainings. One of the most amazing aspects of this movie is that the romance in it uses real facts and situations that actually happen in real life, usually you'd find romance in films that's a bunch of fake sweet stuff put in there just for the sake of selling the movie, which is a very degrading thing to do, while Fool el seen el azeem is a masterpiece. A very beautiful film filled with numerous comedy scenes, and a very interesting story, usually the type of films you'd find starring Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedi.

It is quite Ironic how the movie is named Fool el seen el azeem (The great beans of China) and it only has a small part to do with beans, but it does after all win Mohyee the cooking competition, which was actually a set up for the murder of one of the judges that some Chinese assassins hired Mohyee to do the job. The film as an overall is a combination of comedy and action, many people's favorite genres of movies, and for Mohamed Henedi fans, this film has certainly put more happiness in their hearts, and it has gotten famous in a phenomenal way and made millions of dollars, not to mention the unique soundtracks used. A movie filmed in China must have some sort of Chinese tone in the music, for music plays a huge impact on media.


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