Fools Dance

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Fools Dance
Origin Horley, Surrey, England
Genres Punk rock, progressive rock, new wave
Years active 1983–1985
Associated acts The Stranglers
The Magazine Spies
The Cure
Website Fools Dance website
Past members Stuart Curran
Simon Gallup
Paul Thompson
Matthieu Hartley
Ian Huller
Gary Biddles
J.J. Burnel
Pete Gardner
Ron Howe
Campbell MacKellar
Mark Wilson

Fools Dance were a short-lived English rock band formed in 1983. Initially calling themselves The Cry, this band featured former Cure members Simon Gallup and Matthieu Hartley and played their first gig at the Covent Garden Rock Garden on 19 April 1983.[1][2] The group changed their name to Fools Dance later that year after some lineup changes. Although Fools Dance recorded a number of songs and played several gigs in their brief existence, they never released a full-length album. The only material they ever issued were two EPs: Fools Dance and They'll Never Know.



Fools Dance[edit]

One of four album covers for Fools Dance
1."The Priest Hole" (Track 3 on Universe Productions version) 
2."Happy Families Waiting (At the Skylab Landing Bay)" (Track 4 on Universe Productions version) 
3."I'm So Many (Talk Talk)" (Track 5 on Universe Productions version) 
4."Sa'Ha" (Track 1 on Universe Productions version) 
5."The Don Diddy Song" (Track 2 on Universe Productions version) 

They'll Never Know[edit]

Cover of They'll Never Know

All tracks written by Biddles, Gallup and Curran, except where noted.

1."They'll Never Know"Biddles, McKeller, Thompson 
2."The Collector"  
3."Empty Hours"  
4."The Ring"  

Unreleased songs[edit]

  • "Old Door"
  • "Wonderful Weekend"
  • "Sin"
  • "Turn Me Back to Animal"
  • "Spinning Around"
  • "The Burn"
  • "Remembrance Day"
  • "Where Do You Sleep"
  • "Snakeskin World"
  • "Bowdiddly Song"
  • "Turning Back"
  • "Tapestry"
  • "Canaries Out"


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