Fools of Fortune

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Fools of Fortune
Fools of fortune film poster.jpg
Directed by Pat O'Connor
Written by Michael Hirst
William Trevor
Music by Hans Zimmer
Distributed by Channel Four Films
Release date
22 June 1990
Running time
109 min
Country Ireland and the United Kingdom
Language English
Box office $83,490[1]

Fools of Fortune is a 1990 Irish and British drama film directed by Pat O'Connor and starring Iain Glen, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Julie Christie, Catherine McFadden, Amy Joyce Hastings and Michael Kitchen.[2] It depicts a Protestant family caught up in the conflict between the British Army and the IRA during the Irish War of Independence.[3] It was filmed on location in Dublin, County Westmeath, Galway and at Ardmore Studios.

This film is based on the 1983 novel by Irish writer William Trevor.

New York Times reviewer Vincent Canby described the film as "an ambitious mess, of interest only because of the chance to see [Julie] Christie, who becomes more and more tautly beautiful with the years, and [Mary Elizabeth] Mastrantonio, who is also beautiful and does an extremely credible upper-class English accent."[4] The Washington Post described it as "a passionate, mystifyingly awkward bit of filmmaking".[5]

The film went to VHS, but has not yet appeared on DVD. It has no Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes.


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