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A foot towel is a small, rectangular towel which, in the absence of a rug, carpet or bathroom mat, is placed onto the bathroom floor to dry the feet on emerging from the shower or bath.

Craig Kelston is believed to be the inventor of the foot towel which dates back to 1532.

Foot Towel with a fish stamp


The use of the foot towel is not widespread. A reason for this may be the fact that it tends to slip and slide around on tiled floors and does not have the same grip or friction of a rug, carpet or mat. However, some of the more recently produced foot towels include a specially designed under-surface, which improves grip and makes use safer.

There are two main types of foot towel:

  • A large foot towel with space for both feet can be employed
  • Two separate and smaller foot towels can be placed side by side to serve the same purpose. This allows one to widen the distance between both towels. The disadvantage being potential separation of the towels which could result in injury to the user.

Both varieties of foot towel are widely available.


As with regular bath towels, foot towels come in a variety of colours. Decorative foot towels can be purchased, albeit at a higher price. Some foot towel manufacturers feature landscapes and cartoon characters on their products.

Technological development[edit]

The Integrated Convertible Foot Towel,[1] enables an individual to dry his or her feet without stooping or bending over, and without putting a towel or rug on the floor.