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Fare Network
Founded February 1999
Area served
Key people
Piara Powar
Executive director

Fare (Football Against Racism in Europe) is a network set up to counter discrimination in European football. The network was set up in Vienna, Austria, in February 1999 after a meeting of football supporters' groups, football players' unions and football associations. The network has received backing from the European governing body UEFA, FIFA and the European Commission for its aims.

Network's history[edit]

  • 1997: As part of the European Year against Racism various football related projects are sponsored by the European Commission.
  • February 1999: Establishment of the Fare network and passing of a plan of action in Vienna.
  • June 2000: Official launch of the Fare network at the European parliament in Brussels, just before Euro 2000 started.
  • April 2001: Over 50 actions are led in 9 European countries during the first FARE action week against racism and discriminations.
  • July 2001: Fare representatives take part in a FIFA conference against racism in Buenos Aires.
  • August 2001: UEFA rewards their Monaco charity cheque of one million Swiss francs to Fare. Fare becomes a member of the UEFA football and social responsibility portfolio.
  • September 2002: Start of a two-year anti-discrimination project co-funded by the European Commission.
  • October 2002: UEFA gets behind the FARE ten-point plan of action.
  • November 2002: Fare receive the Free Your Mind award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Barcelona.
  • March 2003: The Unite Against Racism conference hosted by Chelsea is jointly organized by UEFA, Fare and the English FA.
  • October 2003: Some 400 initiatives in 24 countries take place during the 4th Action Week. Fare receives the Jean Kahn award from the EUMC.
  • June 2004: Fare launches a Football Unites programme at UEFA Euro 2004 in Portugal.
  • April 2005: Fare networking conference takes place in Bratislava.
  • November 2005: Fare takes part in a public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels.
  • January 2006: FIFA and Fare establish a strategic alliance in the field of anti-discrimination. Fare program in Eastern Europe is funded by the Stand Up Speak Up campaign.
  • February 2006: The second Unite Against Racism conference jointly organized by UEFA, Fare and the Spanish FA is hosted by FC Barcelona.
  • March 2006: European declaration on tackling racism in football becomes a formal resolution at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
  • June 2006: Fare runs an anti-discriminations program at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.
  • October 2006: With more than 700 initiatives in 37 European countries, and including the involvement of all 32 Champions League teams, the seventh Fare action week becomes Europe's biggest anti-racism campaign in football so far.
  • May 2007: Fare networking conference on ethnic minorities and equality, is hosted by the French Football Federation, LICRA and PSG in Paris.
  • June 2012: anti-racism campaign at the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament in co-operation with the UEFA Respect programme co-ordinated by the Warsaw-based NEVER AGAIN Association in Poland and Ukraine. [1]

Campaigning and events[edit]

  • The Mondiali Antirazzisti[1] is a tournament in Italy. This "anti-racist football festival" with 204 five-a-side teams is held every July near Bologna.
  • Stand Up Speak Up: some of the income generated from the sale of the wristbands is going to Fare to run a series of activities in central and eastern Europe. The Fare programme seeks to tackle the exclusion of Roma communities in Slovakia and to undertake monitoring and campaigning activities to counter the presence of neo-Nazi groups at football grounds in Poland. In the Balkans the key aim is to challenge prevailing ideas of nationalism and xenophobia through working with football clubs and youth teams.
  • Building on the success in Portugal in 2004, the Fare network is preparing a programme of anti-racism activities at UEFA Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. The aim is to promote and convey the positive message of anti-racism and fighting discrimination in and outside the stadiums. Fare intend to engage fans and local communities through Street-kick tournaments, supporter gatherings and distribution of fanzine.

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