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Football Federation of Belize
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FIFA affiliation1986
CONCACAF affiliation1986
PresidentSergio Chuc

The Football Federation of Belize (FFB), formerly known as the Belize National Football Association (BNFA) and founded in 1980, is the governing body of football in Belize. It is a member of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), CONCACAF, and Union Centroamericana de Fútbol (UNCAF).

Founding and executive bodies[edit]

Founding Fathers of the FFB were Mr. Delhart Courtney J.P, Sir George Brown (retired Chief Justice of Belize), Mr. Hubert Bradley and Mr. Daniel Edmund. Courtney served as the first President and retired in 1996. Other Presidents include Mr. Rafael Cal and Mr. Nick Pollard Jr.

Marlon Kuylen is currently the Acting President of the FFB until 2017 when a President will be elected at the 2017 Ordinary Congress. The FFB comprises three main bodies: Executive Committee, General Council and General Meeting.

The FFB is organized into several regional affiliates and leagues, which serve as a farm system for the Premier League of Belize.

The Premier League of Belize is the top football league in Belize. It is sanctioned by the professional division of the FFB and its teams are eligible for international competition.

On June 17th 2019, Belize national football team signed a one-year contract with Vincenzo Alberto Annese an Italian football coach.

Association staff[edit]

Name Position Source
Belize Sergio Chuc President [1][2]
Belize Cruz Gamez Vice President [3]
Belize Marlon Kuylen 2nd Vice President [4]
Belize Earl Jones General Secretary (interim) [5][6]
n/a Treasurer
Belize Philip Marin Technical Director [7]
Belize Dale Pelayo Sr. Team Coach (Men's) [8]
Belize Wayne Casimiro Team Coach (Women's) [9]
Belize John Palacio Media/Communications Manager [10]
Belize Earl Trapp Futsal Coordinator [11]
Belize Omario Contreras Referee Coordinator [12]

Regional Affiliates and Football Leagues[edit]

June 2011 suspension by FIFA[edit]

On 15 June 2011, Belize kicked off the Road to Brazil (2014 FIFA World Cup qualification) against minnows Montserrat, winning 2-5 away in a match played in the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva, Trinidad. However, the return which was scheduled for 19 June was postponed by FIFA when they suspended the FFB due to governmental interference.[13] The FFB filed suit against Belize's Minister for Sports John Saldivar over the suspension; they were represented by Elson Kaseke.[14][15]


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