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Saturday Night Football is an interactive television programme on Sky Sports and shows extended highlights of every Premier League match played on the day except matches shown live on BT Sport. It airs on Saturdays at 8:00pm, and is currently presented by Sarah-Jane Mee. It is sponsored by Ford, who also sponsors the rest of Sky Sports English Premier League coverage and related programming.

  • GAME OF THE DAY: On-air at 8:00pm with the full 90 minutes of a match selected from the day's 3:00pm kick-offs.
  • MATCH CHOICE: At 10:00pm, a choice from extended highlights of every game played that day except matches shown live on BT Sport that day. Viewers on the Sky Digital and Virgin Media platforms can choose extended highlights of up to eight games. Viewers who do not use the interactive service will see 50 minutes of highlights from one match.

After a full Match Choice, the programme's presenter along with a studio guest, usually a footballer such as John Salako, Warren Barton, or Paul Walsh, discuss the main developments of the day.


The match choice service is available to viewers in both Ireland or the United Kingdom who subscribe to Sky Digital, as well as Virgin Media viewers.

If more than eight matches are played on one match day, such as the final day of the season, one game is broadcast on the main channel (i.e. the one that non-interactive viewers watch) and is not included on the interactive service. If more than eight games still need to be offered, any games that were shown live on Sky Sports are not offered interactively.

Football First commentators[edit]

A number of commentators appear on Football First, including Sky's regulars such as Martin Tyler and Rob Hawthorne. Others include John Anderson, Gary Weaver, Daniel Mann, Gary Taphouse and Tony Jones. These are the same feeds as TWI uses for the international audience.