Football at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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Football at the 1900 Summer Olympics
Tournament details
Host countryFrance
Dates20 – 23 September
Venue(s)1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions Great Britain (1st title)
Runners-up France
Third place Belgium
Tournament statistics
Matches played2
Goals scored12 (6 per match)

At the 1900 Summer Olympics, a football tournament was contested for the first time. Only two demonstration matches were held between the three club sides, and no medals were awarded. Despite this, the International Olympic Committee currently credits Great Britain, France and Belgium with gold, silver and bronze medals respectively as part of its attempt to reconcile early Olympic Games with the modern award scheme.

The football matches were held at the Vélodrome de Vincennes in Paris.


The matches were held at the Vélodrome de Vincennes in Paris.

Medal table[edit]

The Belgian team selected by the Universités of Brussels
Position Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Great Britain (GBR) 1 0 0 1
2  France (FRA) 0 1 0 1
3  Belgium (BEL) 0 0 1 1

Medal summary[edit]

Gold Silver Bronze
 Great Britain (GBR)[1]
James Jones
Claude Buckenham
William Gosling
Alfred Chalk
T. E. Burridge
William Quash
Richard Turner
F. G. Spackman
John Nicholas
Jack Zealley
Henry Haslam
 France (FRA)[2]
Pierre Allemane
Louis Bach
Alfred Bloch
Fernand Canelle
Eugène Fraysse
Virgile Gaillard
Georges Garnier
René Grandjean
Lucien Huteau
Marcel Lambert
Maurice Macaine
Gaston Peltier
 Belgium (BEL)[3]
Albert Delbecque
Hendrik van Heuckelum
Raul Kelecom
Marcel Leboutte
Lucien Londot
Ernest Moreau de Melen
Edmond Neefs
Georges Pelgrims
Alphonse Renier
Emile Spannoghe
Eric Thornton


Men's football[edit]

Place Team Nation Record Goals
Wins Losses Percent For Against
1 Upton Park  Great Britain (GBR) 1 0 1.000 4 0
2 USFSA XI  France (FRA) 1 1 .500 6 6
3 Université de Bruxelles  Belgium (BEL) 0 1 .000 2 6
USFSA XI France0 – 4United Kingdom Upton Park
Report Nicholas Goal ??'??'
Turner Goal ??'
Zealley Goal ??'
Attendance: 500
Referee: Maignard (France)

USFSA XI France6 – 2Belgium Université de Bruxelles
Peltier Goal 1'
Goal 13'
Goal ??'
Goal ??'
Goal ??'
Goal ??'
Report Spannoghe Goal ??'
van Heuckelum Goal ??'
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Jack Wood (Great Britain)

In the first game, the British squad had little difficulty defeating the USFSA XI. Upton Park led 2–0 after the first half, getting two more goals in the second to win 4–0. Gaston Peltier scored in the first minute to give the USFSA XI an early lead, but Université de Bruxelles scored twice to take a 2–1 first half lead. The French scored five goals in the second half, however, to take the match 6–2.


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  1. ^ Represented by Upton Park F.C.
  2. ^ Represented by Club Française
  3. ^ Represented by Université de Bruxelles

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