Football at the 1967 Pan American Games

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The fifth edition of the football tournament at the Pan American Games was held in Winnipeg, Canada, from July 24 to August 3, 1967. Eight teams divided in two groups of four did compete in a round-robin competition, with Brazil defending the title. For the first time the tournament ended with a knock-out stage after the preliminary round.

Preliminary round[edit]

Group A[edit]

1 The match was abandoned in the 82nd minute with Mexico leading 3-0 after Colombia had four players sent off as a result of a brawl; Mexico were awarded the match on default.

Group B[edit]

Final round[edit]


Semi-finals Final
  Trinidad and Tobago  1  
  Bermuda  3  
      Mexico  4
    Bermuda  0
Third place
Winnipeg Winnipeg
  Canada  1   Trinidad and Tobago  4
  Mexico  2     Canada  1

Semi finals[edit]

Trinidad and Tobago  1–3  Bermuda
Canada  1–2  Mexico

Bronze medal match[edit]

Trinidad and Tobago  4–1  Canada

Gold Medal match[edit]

Mexico  4–0  Bermuda



 1967 Pan American Games Winners 

First title

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