Football in Djibouti

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Football in Djibouti
Country Djibouti
Governing body Djiboutian Football Federation
National team men's national team
Clubs Djibouti Premier League
International competitions

Football is the most popular sport in Djibouti.[1][2][3] The country became a member of FIFA in 1994, but has only taken part in the qualifying rounds for the African Cup of Nations as well as the FIFA World Cup in the mid-2000s. In November 2007, the Djibouti national football team beat Somalia's national squad 1-0 in the qualification rounds for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, marking its first ever World Cup-related win.

League system[edit]

Level League(s)/Division(s)
1 Division 1
10 clubs
↓↑ 2 clubs
2 Division 2
10 clubs
↓↑ 2 clubs
3 Division 3
14 clubs + 2 Reserve teams divided in 2 series of 8

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