Football in Georgia (country)

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Football in Georgia
Country Georgia
Governing body Georgian Football Federation
National team men's national team
National competitions
Club competitions
International competitions

Football is the most popular sport in Georgia.[1][2] It is governed by the Georgian Football Federation (GFF). The GFF organises the men's, women's, and futsal national teams. Modern football was introduced by English sailors playing in Poti, in the beginning of the 20th century.[1]

Georgia is currently bidding to host UEFA Euro 2020.[3]

Domestic competition[edit]

The Georgian domestic league system is run by the Professional Football League of Georgia. Amongst others they run the following leagues:




Umaglesi Liga
16 clubs

↓↑ 2-3 clubs


Pirveli Liga
18 clubs

↓ 3 clubs
↑ 1 club ↑ 1 club ↑ 1 club


Meore Liga West
8 clubs + 6 Reserve teams

Meore Liga Center
14 clubs + 1 Reserve team

Meore Liga East
12 clubs + 2 Reserve teams

The Professional Football League of Georgia also organizes the Georgian Cup and Georgian Super Cup.

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