Association football in Greenland

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Football match in Uummannaq
Football field in Ilulissat

Association football is the most popular and the national sport of Greenland. It was brought to Greenland by Danish settlers. Because of the climatic conditions, Greenland is unable to support any grass pitches so games are played on artificial turf. The national stadium is the Nuuk Stadium in the capital Nuuk.

The Football Association of Greenland is not a member of FIFA or any of its confederations, but was a member of the International Football Union, secondary governing body of association football for nations and sub-national countries that are not FIFA members. Although the Faroe Islands, another dependency of Denmark, is a member of FIFA and UEFA, Greenland is considered part of Denmark for the purposes of international football.[1][2]

National team[edit]

One of the biggest moments in the island's footballing history came in 2001 when the national team played a landmark fixture against Tibet in Denmark, the game went ahead despite great pressure by the Chinese Government and FIFA to have it called off.[3][4]

Club football[edit]

The Greenlandic Men's Football Championship is the top football competition in Greenland. Because of high travel costs it is not played as a league with home and away matches. Instead it is played as a series of local tournaments and a final tournament, each around a week long. First played in 1958 it has been organized by the Football Association of Greenland since 1971. The most successful club is B-67 who have won the competition on eleven occasions.

There has also been a campaign in recent years to enter a Greenland team into the Danish Superliga.[citation needed]


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