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Football in Latvia
Country Latvia
Governing body Latvian Football Federation
National team men's national team
National competitions
Club competitions
International competitions

Football is not Latvia's national sport; however, in recent years it has gained popularity.[1][2] Latvian football is led by the Latvian Football Federation.[3][4]

League system[edit]




Latvian Higher League
8 clubs


Latvian First League
15 clubs


Latvian Second League
50 clubs divided in 7 regions

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National teams[edit]

Latvia national football team

Latvia national under-21 football team

Latvia national under-19 football team

Latvia national under-17 football team

Women's teams[edit]

Latvia women's national football team


Latvian Higher League

Latvian First League

Latvian Second League

Women's leagues[edit]

Latvian Women's League



Latvian Football Cup

Latvian Supercup


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