Footprints on the Moon (1975 film)

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Footprints on the Moon
Footprints on the Moon FilmPoster.jpeg
Shameless Screen Entertainment cover
Directed by Luigi Bazzoni
Produced by Luciano Perugia
Written by Luigi Bazzoni
Mario Fanelli
Starring Florinda Bolkan
Music by Nicola Piovani
Cinematography Vittorio Storaro
Edited by Roberto Perpignani
Release date
  • 1 February 1975 (1975-02-01)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Footprints on the Moon (Italian: Le orme) is a 1975 Italian horror film starring Florinda Bolkan and Klaus Kinski.[1]


Alice Cespi (Florinda Bolkan) begins to see her life fall apart due to strange memories from childhood when she was forced to watch a film called "Footprints on the Moon" involving an unethical experiment in leaving astronauts stranded on the moon's surface. Alice has terrible dreams and begins to become addicted to tranquilizers. The drugs and her deteriorating mental condition cause her to miss work and she is eventually fired, whereupon she travels to a dilapidated former tourist area called Garma after receiving a mysterious postcard. There, she runs into a girl named Paula Burton (Nicoletta Elmi), who tells her that she looks exactly like another woman, Nicole, currently staying at the faded resort. Alice then encounters a series of strange people and circumstances, all leading her closer to unlocking the possibly deadly mystery.



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