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Commuter and regional rail station
Footscray station signal box and footbridge.jpg
Looking south from platform 6 in April 2010, with disused signal box on platform 5 in the foreground
Location Irving Street, Footscray
Coordinates 37°48′06″S 144°54′09″E / 37.8016°S 144.9024°E / -37.8016; 144.9024Coordinates: 37°48′06″S 144°54′09″E / 37.8016°S 144.9024°E / -37.8016; 144.9024
Owned by VicTrack
Operated by Metro Trains
Line(s) Sunbury
Port Fairy
Distance 5.62 kilometres from Southern Cross
Platforms 6 (2 side, 2 island)
Tracks 6
Connections Bus
Structure type Ground
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Premium Station
Station code FSY
Fare zone 1
Website Public Transport Victoria
Opened 17 January 1859
Rebuilt 2014
Electrified Yes
Preceding station   Metro Trains   Following station
Sunbury line
toward Sunbury
Werribee line
toward Werribee
Williamstown line
toward Williamstown
Preceding station   V/Line   Following station
Bendigo line
Serviceton line
Warrnambool line

Footscray railway station is located on the Sunbury, Werribee and Williamstown lines, in Victoria, Australia. It serves the western Melbourne suburb of Footscray, and opened on 17 January 1859.[1][2]

It is also serviced by V/Line Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong services. In 2011/12, it was the sixth busiest station on Melbourne's metropolitan network, with 4.2 million passenger movements recorded.[3]

A disused signal box is located on the island platform at the Up (Flinders Street) end of Platform 5, while a pair of dual gauge tracks form the mainly freight only South Kensington-West Footscray line under the station, running in a cutting before entering the Bunbury Street tunnel,[4] providing a rail link to the Port of Melbourne and other freight terminals, as well as access to Southern Cross for the NSW TrainLink XPT, The Overland, and V/Line Albury services.


On 17 January 1859, the railways arrived in Footscray, when the new Williamstown line opened, with trains running from Spencer Street in Melbourne to the important cargo port of Williamstown. This railway line connected to the 18-month-old Geelong railway at the junction near where the current Newport station lies.[5] The line between Melbourne and Footscray, via the new station at North Melbourne, had been made possible with the construction of a railway bridge over the Maribyrnong River. The first station to open in Footscray opened on this line on the opening day of service; it was not, however, where the current Footscray station lies, but was located on Napier Street.

Shortly afterwards, Footscray became a junction station, when a second railway line, branching at Footscray, was opened to Sunbury. By 1862, this railway line had been extended to Sandhurst (later renamed Bendigo). Therefore, on 1 March 1859, less than two months after the first, Footscray's second railway station opened on Nicholson Street, not far from the original Napier Street location, for services on the new railway line.[6] A signal box was provided at the junction from 1879.

On 16 September 1900, the current station opened, located at the precise point of junction of the two lines.[7] The two original stations were then closed.[6]

A number of sidings once existed at the station, now covered by car parking on the eastern side of the Newport bound lines.

The dual gauge tracks under the station were opened on 21 October 1928, as part of the South Kensington-West Footscray line, and were dual-gauged in the early 1960s, as part of the construction of the Melbourne-Albury standard gauge line. Quadruplication of the tracks towards Melbourne in November 1976 put an end to the junction and closed the signal box. The building is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

It was upgraded to a Premium station on 31 May 1996, although the enclosed waiting area and ticket facilities were built in 1993, as part of the 'Travel Safe' program in the early 1990s.[8]

On 5 June 2001, at around 08:30, two suburban Comeng trains collided on Platform 4. An out of service train heading to Newport collided with a Williamstown bound train, carrying around 20 passengers, with 3 injuries reported.[9]

In 2010, as a part of the Brumby State Government's Footscray renewal program,[10] the existing footbridge over the platforms, which was accessed by ramps, was replaced with a $15 million footbridge. The bridge, named after indigenous activist William Cooper,[11] has stairs and associated lifts. Complaints have been made that the new footbridge is less usable than the one it replaced. It has a roof, but that has not been designed to be weatherproof, and the lifts are prone to breakdown.[12] In 2013, the new footbridge was partially demolished.[13]

As part of the Regional Rail Link, an additional two platforms were built to the north of the existing platforms, to separate Metro Trains Sunbury services from V/Line services to Ballarat and Bendigo. In January 2014, Platforms 1 to 4 were renumbered 3 to 6, with the new platforms commissioned as Platforms 1 and 2.[14] At the same time, Platforms 3 and 4 were closed to be rebuilt as dedicated platforms for V/Line services, reopening in July 2014.

Platforms & services[edit]

Footscray has six platforms. It is serviced by Metro Trains' Sunbury, Werribee and Williamstown services[15][16][17] and V/Line Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong services.[18][19][20]

Platform 1:

Platform 2:

Platform 3:

Platform 4:

Platform 5:

Platform 6:

Transport links[edit]

CDC Melbourne operates six routes via Footscray station:

Sita Buslines operates four routes via Footscray station:

Transdev Melbourne operates four routes via Footscray station:

Yarra Trams operates one route to and from Footscray station:

  • 82: to Moonee Ponds Junction[35]



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