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Footwork is a genre of music and street dance that originated in Chicago during in the late-1990s.[2]

The dance involves fast movement of the feet with accompanying twists and turns, and usually takes place as part of a "battle".[3] The style was popularized outside Chicago by inclusion in the music video for Dude 'n Nem's 2007 single "Watch My Feet".[4]

The music style has evolved from the earlier, rapid rhythms of juke and ghetto house, a change pioneered by R.P. Boo.[3] It may draw from styles such as drum and bass, utilizing double-time clave triplets, syncopated toms and prominent sub-bass.[5] Tracks also frequently feature heavily syncopated samples from rap, pop and other sources, and are often around 160 bpm.[6] Footwork also incorporates the club culture cultivated in disco, house and techno.

Radio station Afropop Worldwide remarked on the genre and its developments in 2011, saying that:

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