Força de um Desejo

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Força de um Desejo
Genre Telenovela
Created by Gilberto Braga
Alcides Nogueira
Starring Malu Mader
Fábio Assunção
Cláudia Abreu
Selton Mello
Marcelo Serrado
Isabel Fillardis
Lavínia Vlasak
Júlia Feldens
Denise Del Vecchio
Nathália Timberg
Louise Cardoso
Reginaldo Faria
Paulo Betti
Sônia Braga
Opening theme "Tema de Ana"
Composer(s) Jaques Morelenbaum
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 226
Running time 45 minutes
Original network Rede Globo
Original release May 10, 1999 – January 29, 2000
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Força de um Desejo is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Globo TV and was shown in the schedule of 18 hours between May 10, 1999 and January 29, 2000, in 226 chapters. It was written by Gilberto Braga and as collaborators with Alcides Nogueira Marques, Lilian Garcia, Eliane Garcia, Philip Miguez and Mark Silver and directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho, Carlos Araújo, Fabricio Mamberti and João Camargo, with production of the core Marcos Paulo.

Featured Malu Mader, Fábio Assunção, Cláudia Abreu, Marcelo Serrado, Selton Mello, Nathália Timberg, Lavínia Vlasak, Isabel Fillardis and Denise Del Vecchio in leading roles.


The setting is Paraíba Valley, Rio de Janeiro, in the nineteenth century. Higino Ventura (Paulo Betti) is a former peddler who enriched with shady dealings and bought Hill Top Farm in the town of Sant'Anna, to approach his old flame, Helen (Sonia Braga), a resident of the farm neighbor, Golden Green, now married to the powerful Baron Henry de Sampaio Sobral (Reginaldo Faria). Ventura is willing to do anything to win back Helen, including buying Golden Green and obtaining a noble title. But Helena, though disregarding him for the love of her husband, suffers at the hands of the Baron, who knows that Abelard (Selton Mello), who raised him as his son is actually the son of Ventura.

The couple's legitimate son, Ignatius (Fábio Assunção), does not conform to the cruel treatment that his father gives his mother and decides to leave the farm. At Rio de Janeiro, he meets Esther Ramos Delamare (Malu Mader), a beautiful courtesan, owner of the most famous saloon of the Court. They fall in love and live an intense romance, and Esther decides to leave her kind of life just to live with Ignatius. However, the unexpected death of his mother makes Ignatius return to the farm to help his father and brother. Moreover, he splits with Esther because of intrigues by his grandmother, Idalina Menezes Albuquerque Silveira (Nathália Timberg), who, though not suspect Esther is a courtesan, fears her grandson's involvement with a girl of lower social class. To destroy the romance, Idalina falsifies his grandson's signature and sends Esther a letter, convincing her that Ignatius does not love her anymore.

Baron Sobral, devastated by the death of Helena and the feelings of guilt that torment him because he gave his wife a miserable life, decides to start his life and makes a long trip to the Court. After meeting Esther, he falls in love without knowing she is the woman who is loved by his son. He convinces her that it's not worth destroying her life by the desillusion that she is suffering, and willing to give her a chance to have a new life, asks her to marry him. After the marriage is sanctified, Sobral and Esther go to Golden Green, and getting there, Esther has over a sad surprise to come face to face with Ignatius; victims of a trap destination, now they will live on the same farm, without the Baron suspect that his new wife is the same woman his son had fallen in love.

Esther and Ignatius are avoided, but eventually end up clarifying the misunderstanding that separated them. They decide tell Sobral the truth, but end up not doing it to discover that the Baron is ill and, more than ever, needs the help of his family. Dissatisfied with the situation and knowing that Golden Green is facing financial difficulties, Ignatius married Alice (Lavinia Vlasak), the daughter of Higino Ventura and his wife, dazzled Barbara (Denise Del Vecchio), who only thinks of becoming a noble.

Meanwhile, Ventura struggle to get the barony and buy Golden Green, in order to humiliate the baron. He becomes obsessed with Olivia (Claudia Abreu), a young woman who arrives to the village of Sant'Anna. Snubbed by the girl, he tries to find out who she is and he discovers that she is a white slave who fled from another village and is being sought by the police. Olivia born of the relationship between a wealthy landowner and a slave already quite clear, as is described in the plot. Her father recognized her as a daughter, and even his family did not accept such situation, he gave him the name of Anna Tambellini, educated her and wrote her letter of manumission. But the big mistake of the man was not register officially the letter. When he died, his eldest daughter, making envy, tore the letter of manumission and wanted to make Anna a slave. For this reason the girl ran away and changed her name to Olivia. However, Ventura, finding Olivia's sister and become aware of the whole story, decides to deliver her, and then buying her to use as a sex slave. She then begins to live in a hell, unable to get rid from the clutches of her cruel owner, even aided by her boyfriend, the young doctor Mariano Xavier (Marcelo Serrado), and their friends, among them Ignatius and Esther.

But one fact undermines the entire village of Sant'Anna: Baron Henry Sobral is murdered during the feast of betrothal between Abelard and sweet Juliana (Julia Feldens), at the same night which Ignatius and Esther flee to live together after knowing about the farce of Sobral's disease - fear of losing his wife, the Baron made the disease up as a way to prevent Esther leave, keeping her well, by his side. Local police mobilized to arrest Ignatius, the prime suspect in the death of Baron. Then begins a race against time to Ignatius did not pay for the crime he did not commit, while those who believe it try to uncover the identity of the real killer.


Actor Character
Malu Mader Baronesa Ester de Sampaio Sobral
Fábio Assunção Inácio Sobral
Cláudia Abreu Olívia Xavier
Paulo Betti Higino Ventura
Nathália Timberg Idalina Menezes de Albuquerque Silveira
Lavínia Vlasak Alice Ventura
Selton Mello Abelardo Sobral
Denise Del Vecchio Bárbara Ventura
Marcelo Serrado Mariano Xavier
Isabel Fillardis Luzia
Reginaldo Faria Barão Henrique Sobral
Sônia Braga Baronesa Helena Sobral
Louise Cardoso Guiomar Pereira da Silva
Cláudio Corrêa e Castro Leopoldo Silveira
José Lewgoy Felício Cantuária
José de Abreu Pereira
Giovanna Antonelli Violeta (courtesan)
Carlos Eduardo Dolabella Comendador Queiroz
Nelson Dantas Dr. Xavier
Júlia Feldens Juliana Xavier
Daniel Dantas Bartolomeu Xavier
Chico Diaz Clemente
Chica Xavier Rosália
Antônio Grassi Vitório
André Barros Trajano Cantuária
Dira Paes Palmira
Sérgio Menezes Jesus
Ana Carbatti Zulmira
Alexandre Moreno Cristóvão
Luís Magnelli Gaspar
Rosita Tomaz Lopes Fabíola Xavier


Cast in alphabetical order
Actor Character
Abrahão Farc Padre Olinto
André Valli Lourival
Ângelo Paes Leme Rodrigo (Alice's suitor)
Antônio Fragoso Isidoro
Bruno Garcia Lauro (fake husband of Olívia)
Carlos Alberto judge
Carlos Gregório Barcelos
Carlos Machado Estácio
Cláudio Mamberti Domingos de Castro Magalhães
Clemente Viscaíno Inspector Bustamante
Cosme dos Santos Quirino
David Herman Stanley
Dary Reis Albano
Delma Silva Diva
Elaine Mickely Hermínia Montez (famous courtesan)
Eliana Guttman Laura (true mother of Alice)
Élida Muniz Marta
Fábio Sabag Breno Rangel
Flávio Galvão Nereu
Glória Portella Florinda (courtesan)
Helder Agostini Manoel (false son of Olívia)
Helena Fernandes Srtª. Clara Toledo de Mendonça
Henrique César Marquês de Boaventura
Henrique Taxman Dr. Humberto (young doctor friend of Mariano)
Jayme Periard Padre Osvaldo
José Augusto Branco Epaminondas (owner of a bakery in court)
Júlio Braga sexton
Kadu Karneiro Pedro
Lineu Dias Luciano (auctioneer of slaves)
Lucas Bonel Otavinho Ventura Sobral (baby)
Luciana Azevedo Ivete
Luiz Guilherme Carrazedo
Marcelo Várzea Ubaldo
Márcia Del Anillo Noêmia (courtesan)
Marco Ricca Conde Pedro Afonso de Andrade Aguiar
Mariana Ximenes Ângela
Mário Lago Dr. Teodoro (fake doctor addicted to gambling)
Murilo Rosa Eugênio (friend of Ignatius in the Court)
Neuza Amaral Anita (director of the hospital where he was born Alice)
Nill Marcondes Zelito
Otávio Augusto Dr. Eurico Navarro
Otávio Müller Ferdinando (safecracker, Guiomar friend)
Othon Bastos promoter
Paulo Reis Shepherd (slave)
Raniere Gonzalez Reinaldo
Ronnie Marruda Raimundo
Samuel Mello Dário
Sônia Siqueira Hortência
Stepan Nercessian Ernani Corrêa (forger)
Thereza Piffer Dora Tambellini (former mistress and sister Olívia)
Victor Fasano Nicolau Prado
Vinícius Marques Valdir
Viviane Victorette Clarissa (courtesan)
Xando Graça auctioneer of slaves
Yaçanã Martins Socorro

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