For Adolphe Sax

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For Adolphe Sax
For Adolphe Sax.jpg
Studio album by Peter Brötzmann
Released 1967
Recorded June 1967
Genre Jazz
Label Brö
Peter Brötzmann chronology
For Adolphe Sax
Machine Gun

For Adolphe Sax is the first album by free jazz saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, released on his own Brö label in 1967. It was reissued on LP by FMP in 1971 (most copies had labels affixed to the wrong sides) and then reissued on CD by the Atavistic label in 2002. This reissue featured the added track "Everything". Adolph Sax was the inventor of many instruments including the first saxophones. No edition of the album has included writing credits.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "For Adolphe Sax"
  2. "Sanity"
  3. "Morning Glory"
  4. "Everything" (on the CD reissue)


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