Forfar Field Station, Bahamas

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Forfar Field Station

Forfar Field Station is a research facility located in North Blanket Sound, Andros Island in the Bahamas.[1] Forfar allows students of middle school, high school, college (graduate and undergraduate), as well as teachers and adults to experience the cultural and geographical wonders of Andros Island. Forfar Field Station is part of a non profit organization known as International Field Studies or IFS. It is named for Archie Forfar, a Canadian who lived on Andros in the 1960s and died there in 1971 attempting to break the world record for depth on scuba.

During a stay at Forfar, one studies through a variety of hands on experiences. The courses are usually a week in duration from Sunday to Saturday. On an average day at Forfar, breakfast is served promptly at 8.00 and groups leave the field station at 9.00 am and spend the morning learning about marine and ecology of Andros Island. Dinner is served at 6.00pm. Then a class is held at night usually at 7.15pm.

Days are categorized by land trips or water trips. As the name suggests, water trips consist of taking a boat or van to a snorkel site, snorkeling all morning with generally a picnic lunch on a beach of some small island near the site. Snorkel sites can be to cays (pronounced keys), oceanic blue holes, and patch reefs (e.g. Pigeon Cay, Rat Cay and Dave's Patch Reef). Land trips are by bus to the nearby towns, communities, and the occasional inland blue hole (e.g. Fresh Creek, Conch Sound, Uncle Charlie's Blue Hole and Churches Blue Hole)


Coordinates: 24°53′51″N 77°55′53″W / 24.897492°N 77.931519°W / 24.897492; -77.931519