For Love Not Lisa

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For Love Not Lisa
OriginOklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Associated actsPuller, The Chainsaw Kittens
MembersMike Lewis
Mike Miles
Clint McBay
Aaron Preston
Past membersMatt Dillbin
Doug Carrion
Kent Euing

For Love Not Lisa was an American hard rock band formed in the early 1990s in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, signed first to East West Records then to Tooth and Nail Records.[1][2] Their first album, Merge, was released in 1993. They also contributed to the soundtrack of the 1994 thriller The Crow with the song "Slip Slide Melting".[3] After their breakup, Miles, Lewis, and McBay went on to form the Christian rock band Puller.[4] McBay and Preston were also in The Chainsaw Kittens

Miles, the band's guitarist, formed a new band, the Echo Division, in 2005. They released their first album, Under California Stars, on the independent label Interleague Records.[citation needed] Michael Lewis went on to start Zambooie, an online merchandise store with videos and band interviews.[citation needed]


Last Known lineup
  • Mike Lewis - vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Mike Miles - lead guitar
  • Clint McBay - bass
  • Aaron Preston - drums


  • For Love Not Lisa EP, 1992 (Indivision)[5]
  • Merge, 1993 (East West)[6]
  • Information Superdriveway, 1995 (East West)[7][8]
  • The Lost Elephant, 1999 (Tooth & Nail)[9]


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