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For Our Valley (Pour Notre Vallée, PNV) is a centrist political party active in Aosta Valley, Italy.

In November 2016 two regional councillors, former senator Antonio Fosson and Claudio Restano, left the Valdostan Union (UV) in disagreement with Augusto Rollandin, President of Aosta Valley, and launched the party.[1] PNV was immediately admitted into the coalition supporting the regional government composed also of the Progressive Valdostan Union (UVP), Edelweiss (SA) and the Democratic Party (PD),[2] while forming a strong partnership with the UVP and SA.[3]

In March 2017 PNV stopped supporting the government and, along with the UVP, SA and Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology (ALPE), formed a new government without the UV, under President Pierluigi Marquis (SA), with Restano minister of Tourism, Sports, Commerce and Transports.[4][5][6][7]

In June 2017 the group of the PNV was enlarged to Carlo Norbiato, another dissident from the UV, and consequently changed name to Civic Area – For Our Valley.[8] In September a joint group with SA was formed: Civic Area – Edelweiss – For Our Valley.[9]

In October Marquis resigned and was replaced by Laurent Viérin (UVP) at the head of a coalition composed of the UV, the UVP, the EPAV and the PD.[10]

In the 2018 general election PNV took part within the For All alliance, along with ALPE and SA, but the list was defeated in both races (Chamber and Senate).

In the 2018 regional election PNV formed a joint list with SA; the list obtained 10.7% and four seats (two for PNV and two for SA). After the election, the Regional Council elected Nicoletta Spelgatti of Lega Nord Valle d'Aosta (LNVdA) as President, at the head of a broad left-right coalition, comprising SA–PNV, ALPE, Mouv' and a defector from UV's ranks. In the new government Restano kept his office, along with SA's Stefano Borrello.[11][12]