For Real!

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For Real!
Ruben and the Jets For Real.jpg
Studio album by Ruben and the Jets
Released 1973
Genre Doo-wop, rhythm and blues, rock and roll
Length 43:41
Label Mercury
Producer Frank Zappa
Ruben and the Jets chronology
For Real!
Con Safos
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

For Real! is the debut album of Ruben and the Jets. Released in 1973, the album was produced by Frank Zappa, who wrote the first track and played guitar on the second track.[1]


Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention recorded a concept album called Cruising with Ruben & the Jets in 1968 which involved a fictitious Chicano doo-wop and rock and roll band called Ruben and the Jets.[2] Subsequently, Zappa stated that the Mothers of Invention would record a second Ruben & the Jets album.[2] No sequel to Cruising with Ruben & the Jets was produced.

Zappa was later contacted by a band which consisted of Mexican-American musicians Ruben Guevara, Tony Duran, Robert "Frog" Camarena, Johnny Martinez, Robert "Buffalo" Roberts, Bill Wild, Bob Zamora and Mike Albert, who sought Zappa's permission to name their group Ruben and the Jets, in honor of the Mothers of Invention album. Zappa approved the group name, and agreed to produce their debut album, For Real!, which was released in 1973 on Mercury Records; Zappa also wrote the album's opening song, "If I Could Only Be Your love Again", and played guitar on the second track, "Dedicated To The One I Love".[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "If I Could Only Be Your Love Again" — 3:34 (Frank Zappa)
  2. "Dedicated To The One I Love" — 5:45 (Lawman Pauling, Ralph Bass)
  3. "Show Me The Way To Your Heart" — 5:04 (Tony Duran, Leonard Duran)
  4. "Sparkie" — 4:30 (Tony Duran, Ruben Guevara)
  5. "Wedding Bells" — 2:58 (Robert "Frog" Camarena)
  6. "Almost Grown" — 2:20 (Chuck Berry)
  7. "Charlena" — 5:54 (Manuel Chavez, H. Chaney)
  8. "Mah Man Flash" — 2:38 (Ruben Guevara)
  9. "Santa Kari" — 4:29 (Ruben Guevara)
  10. "Spider Woman" — 3:58 (Paul Hof, Lonnie Scott, Tony Duran, Ruben Guevara)
  11. "All Night Long" — 2:22 (John Gray)


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