For Respect

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For Respect
Studio album by Don Caballero
Released October 10, 1993
Recorded January 1993
Genre Math rock
Length 37:48
Label Touch and Go Records TG120
Don Caballero chronology
For Respect
Don Caballero 2
(1995)Don Caballero 21995
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Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

For Respect is the debut album by Don Caballero, a Pittsburgh-based math rock band. For Respect was released on Touch and Go Records in 1993.

Though Ian Williams is credited on guitar for this album, he only joined the band shortly before For Respect's recording and had little substantial creative influence. As a result, this album is much less orchestrated and complex than Don Caballero's later work. In a 2006 interview with the e-zine Space City Rock, Damon Che revealed that he played guitar on some Don Caballero songs, including the choruses of "Well Built Road".

The shadow of the Canadian sketch comedy show Second City Television looms large over the album:

  • The band took its name from an episode of SCTV in which TV station manager Guy Caballero became a Corleone-esque mob boss called Don Caballero. "For respect" is Guy Caballero's justification for using a wheelchair.
  • On the back cover of the CD insert, drummer Damon Che is photographed sitting in a wheelchair dressed as Guy Caballero.
  • The audio samples in "Got a Mile, Got a Mile, Got an Inch" are all from SCTV. In one, someone asks Guy Caballero "I thought you rode a wheelchair?", to which he responds "Oh, I just use that for respect."
  • "Subdued Confections" is yet another quote from SCTV.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "For Respect" 2:43
2. "Chief Sitting Duck" 2:21
3. "New Laws" 5:54
4. "Nicked and Liqued" 2:41
5. "Rocco" 2:47
6. "Subdued Confections" 2:29
7. "Got a Mile, Got a Mile, Got an Inch" 5:06
8. "Our Caballero" 2:07
9. "Bears See Things Pretty Much the Way They Are" 3:26
10. "Well Built Road" 6:05
11. "Belted Sweater" 2:06
Total length: 37:45


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