For Richer...For Poorer

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For Richer...For Poorer
Created by Johnny Speight
Starring Harry H. Corbett
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 1
Original network BBC1
Original release 25 June 1975

For Richer...For Poorer was a 1975 BBC television pilot starring Harry H. Corbett as Bert, a union shop-steward who worships Stalin and has dreams of becoming a major politician.

Part of a Comedy Playhouse season, this one-off was broadcast on BBC One, on Wednesday 25 June 1975.

The show had many overlaps with Till Death Us Do Part. It had the same writer (Johnny Speight) and producer (Dennis Main Wilson). Both shows took their titles from the traditional wedding vows, and Bert was seen as the left-wing equivalent of Alf Garnett.

The show is missing from the television archives.[1]

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  • Maude, an American series that parallels this one


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