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For Your Love
The Yardbirds - For Your Love.jpg
Compilation album by
Released13 June 1965 (1965-06-13)[a] (US)
RecordedMarch 1964 – April 1965
StudioOlympic, IBC, & Advision; London
GenreRock, blues rock[1]
ProducerGiorgio Gomelsky[b]
The Yardbirds US album chronology
For Your Love
Having a Rave Up

For Your Love is the first American album by English rock band the Yardbirds. Released in June 1965,[a] it is a compilation of US-only tracks and previously released singles compiled by Yardbirds' producer, Giorgio Gomelsky. The album, which was released as the Yardbirds were preparing for their first American tour, reached number 96 in Billboard's Top LPs chart. The album was unissued in the UK; similarly, the Yardbirds' debut British album, Five Live Yardbirds, was not released in the US.

Recording and composition[edit]

For Your Love features three songs from Jeff Beck's first recording sessions with the Yardbirds: "I'm Not Talking", "I Ain't Done Wrong", and "My Girl Sloopy" (these songs were later released in the UK on the Five Yardbirds EP).[5] Eric Clapton provided the guitar for the remainder of the tracks, which included the three Yardbirds singles (with B-sides) released up to that time and two demos which were not released in the UK until the 1980s (see discography for singles information).[6] Clapton, who had left the band four months earlier, is not pictured on the album cover nor mentioned in the liner notes.[5]

Charts and reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[1]

The album reached number 96 in Billboard's Top LPs chart.[7] It was the Yardbirds' first charting album; their British debut, Five Live Yardbirds, did not reach the UK Albums Chart and was not issued in the US.

In a retrospective review, AllMusic writer Bruce Eder gave the album three out of five stars.[1] He noted "For Your Love wasn't a 'real' album ... Rather, it was the response of their American label, Epic, to the band's achieving a number six single with the title track, with manager Giorgio Gomelsky selecting the cuts."[1]

Track listing[edit]

Original album[edit]

Songwriter credits are taken from the original Epic LP.[2] However, since the running times are not given, those from The Yardbirds Story (2002), produced by Gomelsky, are used instead.[8]

Side 1
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead guitarLength
1."For Your Love"Graham GouldmanEric Clapton2:28
2."I'm Not Talking"Mose AllisonJeff Beck2:31
3."Putty (In Your Hands)"Kay Rogers, John PattonClapton2:11
4."I Ain't Got You"Calvin CarterClapton1:59
5."Got to Hurry" (take 3)Oscar Rasputin a.k.a. Giorgio Gomelsky[c]Clapton2:34
6."I Ain't Done Wrong"Keith RelfBeck3:37
Side 2
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead guitarLength
1."I Wish You Would"Billy Boy ArnoldClapton2:18
2."A Certain Girl"Naomi Neville a.k.a. Allen ToussaintClapton2:16
3."Sweet Music" (stereo, take 3)Major Lance, Otis Leavill Cobb, Walter BowieUncertain2:29
4."Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"H.G. Demarais[d]Clapton2:52
5."My Girl Sloopy"Bert Russell, Wes FarrellBeck5:36

Album reissues[edit]

The Yardbirds' 2001 compilation album Ultimate! contains eight of the eleven tracks from the original album.[3] For Your Love has been reissued by several record labels, including JVC, Castle, and Repertoire.[1] In addition to the eleven tracks from the original album, the Repertoire reissue includes 13 non-album single and demo tracks.

Repertoire reissue additional material[14]
12."Baby, What's Wrong" (demo)Sonny Boy Williamson II2:38
13."Boom Boom" (A-side of German/Dutch "Honey in Your Hips")John Lee Hooker2:25
14."Honey in Your Hips" (B-side of "Boom Boom")Relf2:19
15."Talkin' About You" (demo)Chuck Berry1:56
16."I Wish You Would" (demo)Arnold4:17
17."A Certain Girl" (demo)Neville2:21
18."Got to Hurry" (demo, take 4)Gomelsky2:35
19."Sweet Music" (demo, take 4)Lance2:28
20."Heart Full of Soul" (demo, sitar version)Gouldman1:54
21."Steeled Blues" (B-side of "Heart Full of Soul")Jeff Beck2:38
22."Paff...Bum" (shorter version, B-side of German "Shapes of Things")Sergio Bardotti, Gianfranco Reverberi, Paul Samwell-Smith2:27
23."Questa Volta" (A-side of Italian "Paff...Bum")Mogol Audio 2, Johnny Dinamo, Roberto Satti2:33
24."Paff...Bum" (longer version, B-side of "Questa Volta")Bardotti, Reverberi, Samwell-Smith2:36


The Yardbirds[15][edit]

  • Keith Relf – lead vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar on "Heart Full of Soul"
  • Eric Clapton – lead guitar on all tracks, except those with Beck and "Questa Volta"[e]
  • Jeff Beck – lead guitar on "I'm Not Talking", "I Ain't Done Wrong", "My Girl Sloopy", "Steeled Blues", and "Paff...Bum"
  • Chris Dreja – rhythm guitar, lead guitar on "Questa Volta"
  • Paul Samwell-Smith – bass guitar, backing vocals, Musical Director
  • Jim McCarty – drums, backing vocals

Additional musicians[15][edit]

  • Giorgio Gomelsky – backing vocal on "A Certain Girl"
  • Brian Auger – harpsichord on "For Your Love"
  • Denny Pierce – bongos on "For Your Love"
  • Ron Prentice – bowed bass on "For Your Love", bass on "Heart Full of Soul"
  • Manfred Mann – keyboard and backing vocals on "Sweet Music"
  • Paul Jones – backing vocals on "Sweet Music"
  • Mike Hugg – vibes on "Sweet Music"
  • Tom McGuinness – guitar on "Sweet Music"
  • Mike Vickers – guitar on "Sweet Music"
  • unidentified – sitar on "Heart Full of Soul"
  • unidentified – tabla on "Heart Full of Soul"
  • unidentified – keyboards on "Paff...Bum" and "Questa Volta"


  1. ^ a b Yardbirds' biographer/chronicler uses a release date of 13 June 1965,[3] while writer Alan Clayson notes a date of 5 July 1965.[4]
  2. ^ Manfred Mann produced the "Sweet Music" track only.[2]
  3. ^ In his 2007 autobiography, Eric Clapton writes "'Got to Hurry' which was based on a tune hummed by Giorgio [Gomelsky], who gave himself the writing credit under the pseudonym O. Rasputin."[9] Clapton biographer Marc Roberty calls it "the first song Clapton ever wrote, although credited to Gomelsky".[10] Cub Koda and Gregg Russo describe it as "cobbled together out of a group jam".[11]
  4. ^ H.G. Demarais (or Dee Marais), a Shreveport, Louisiana record label owner/distributor, was credited on the original LP. Roberty lists the songwriters as Don Level and Bob Love,[12] who first recorded the song in 1961 as the R&B duo Don and Bob. Some reissues list Sonny Boy Williamson, who recorded a different "Good Morning, School Girl" in 1937.[13]
  5. ^ On "Sweet Music", it is not clear if Clapton plays guitar.


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