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For a European Serbia – Boris Tadić

For a European Serbia – Boris Tadić (Serbian: За европску Србију – Борис Тадић / Za evropsku Srbiju – Boris Tadić), also known by a three-letter Serbian acronym ZES, was an electoral alliance, led by Boris Tadić, which participated in the 2008 Serbian parliamentary election. It received 38.42% of the popular vote, translating into 102 seats in the 250-seat parliament.


Boris Tadić claimed victory in the election, despite only gaining a plurality. The victory was contested by the opposing Tomislav Nikolić, of the Serbian Radical Party, which received 29.46% of the popular vote.[1][2]

Forming a government[edit]

The ZES alliance formed a coalition government together with the SPS-PUPS-JS electoral alliance and ethnic minority parties on 7 July 2008, after securing 128 seats in the 250-seat parliament.

This coalition government ruled Serbia until 2012.


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