For a Few Extra Dollars

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Per pochi dollari ancora
Per pochi dollari ancora.jpg
Directed by Giorgio Ferroni
Produced by Edmondo Amati
Maurizio Amati
Written by Massimiliano Capriccioli
Starring Giuliana Gemma
Dan Vadis
Music by Gianni Ferrio
Cinematography Rafael Pacheco
Edited by Antonietta Zita
Release dates
7 October 1966
Running time
105 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

For a Few Extra Dollars, aka Fort Yuma Gold and Die Now, Pay Later (in original Italian: Per pochi dollari ancora), is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western war film directed by Giorgio Ferroni.[1][2]

The film stars Giuliano Gemma, Dan Vadis and Sophie Daumier. The film is set at Fort Yuma in Arizona.


Confederate Major Sanders (Jacques Sernas), continues fighting the North after the conclusion of the American Civil War. Former Rebel Gary Diamond (Giuliano Gemma), now a guide, leads a pair of Union soldiers to obstruct Sanders before he can pull off a raid on Fort Yuma. However the others are unaware that Diamond knows that one of the Union officers is actually Sanders' spy. More complications ensue, pairing Diamond with the aptly named saloon-girl Connie Breastful (Sophie Daumier). Later Diamond is found to be a traitor and is tortured severely before Sanders' plot is foiled.

Diamond torture scene


Original Italian promo poster with original title
The finale


Wild East released the film in the United States on a limited edition R0 NTSC with the title "Fort Yuma Gold".


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