For the Native Language!

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For the Native language!
Leader Vladimir Linderman
Founded 2012
Dissolved 2016
Headquarters Riga
Ideology Russian minority politics,
National Bolshevism
Political position Third position

For the Native language! (Russian: За родной язык!, Latvian: Par Dzimto Valodu!) was a political party in Latvia. The party's leader was Vladimir Linderman.


In 2009, Latvian national-bolsheviks established the political party "The 13 January Movement".[1][2] In 2011 Linderman was co-founder of an NGO called Native Language and initiated constitutional referendum in Latvia.[3][4][5] In 2011, the "13 January Movement" joined forces with Osipovs Party. On 16 July 2012, The Register of Enterprises officially registered the political party "For the Native Language!".[6][7] In February 2016, a court decision to dissolve the party was upheld.[8]

Political positions[edit]

For the Native Language! supports increased role for Russian language in education and public administration. It also supports changes in Latvian citizenship so that it would be awarded to a large number of non-citizens.[9] Economically, "The 13 January Movement" supported socialism.[10]

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