For the Love of Benji

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For the Love of Benji
For the Love of Benji movie poster.jpg
Directed by Joe Camp
Produced by Ben Vaughn
Written by Joe Camp
Ben Vaughn
Starring Benjean
Patsy Garrett
Cynthia Smith
Allen Fiuzat
Ed Nelson
Peter Bowles
Art Vasil
Bridget Armstrong
Music by Betty Box
Euel Box
Distributed by Mulberry Square Releasing
Release date
  • June 10, 1977 (1977-06-10)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $22,257,624[1]

For the Love of Benji is the first sequel to the original film, featuring Benji and released in 1977.


Mary (Patsy Garrett) and the Chapman kids, Paul and Cindy (Allen Fiuzat and Cynthia Smith, respectively), take a vacation to Athens, Greece, with Benji and Tiffany in tow. (Dr. Chapman remains back home on business, planning to join the family later, hence the reason for him not appearing in the film.)

Benji becomes lost in Athens, trying to reunite with Mary and the kids while secret agents pursue him, seeking a formula which was glued to his paw in order to get it past customs. Benji hides in the archaeological site of the ancient Athenian marketplace, where he is befriended by another stray, and in the narrow streets of an old Greek neighborhood, where he is pursued by Chandler, a criminal who—with the help of a vicious Doberman Pinscher—abducts Benji in order to seize the formula. Benji eventually manages to escape Chandler's clutches and flees back to the Chapmans' hotel. Benji is then shocked to see Chandler parked in front of the hotel, holding Cindy hostage in his car at gunpoint. Benji then dashes forward toward the car and lunges at Chandler's hand that is holding the gun and bites it, causing Chandler to let go of the gun. Cindy is then rescued and Chandler is arrested by police at gunpoint.


Benjean fills the role of Benji. This was the first of several Benji movies to star Benjean in the title role. Benjean was the daughter of Higgins, the dog who originated the role of Benji.


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