For the Sake of Revenge

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For the Sake of Revenge
SonataArctica Forthesakeofrevenge.jpg
Live album by Sonata Arctica
Released 31 March 2006
Recorded 5 February 2005 in Shibuya-AX, Tokyo
Genre Power metal
Length CD: 69:48
DVD: 109:48
Label Nuclear Blast
Sonata Arctica chronology
The End of This Chapter
For the Sake of Revenge
The Collection
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Allmusic 2.5/5 stars link

For the Sake of Revenge is a live album and DVD recorded by the Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. It was recorded at Shibuya AX, Tokyo, Japan on 5 February 2005. Along with the CD there is a DVD in stereo and Surround 5.1 sound, which also includes Finnish commentary track by the band, Misplaced Cameras On Tour, a biography, discography and some photos.

CD track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Prelude for Reckoning" 2:16
2. "Misplaced" (from Reckoning Night) 4:43
3. "Blinded No More" (from Reckoning Night) 5:16
4. "FullMoon (extract from "White Pearl, Black Oceans")" (from Ecliptica) 5:49
5. "Victoria's Secret" (from Winterheart's Guild) 5:03
6. "Broken" (from Winterheart's Guild) 5:26
7. "8th Commandment" (from Ecliptica) 3:56
8. "Shamandalie" (from Reckoning Night) 3:54
9. "Kingdom for a Heart" (from Ecliptica) 4:17
10. "Replica" (from Ecliptica) 4:08
11. "My Land" (from Ecliptica) 4:36
12. "Black Sheep" (from Silence) 4:00
13. "Gravenimage" (from Winterheart's Guild) 2:23
14. "Don't Say a Word" (from Reckoning Night) 6:35
15. "The Cage / "Vodka" / "Hava Nagila" -sing-along" (from Winterheart's Guild) 7:26
Total length: 69:48

DVD track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Prelude for Reckoning"  
2. "Misplaced"  
3. "Blinded No More"  
4. "FullMoon (extract from "White Pearl, Black Oceans")"  
5. "Victoria's Secret"  
6. "Broken"  
7. "8th Commandment"  
8. "Shamandalie"  
9. "Kingdom for a Heart"  
10. "Replica"  
11. "My Land"  
12. "Black Sheep"  
13. "Sing in Silence"  
14. "San Sebastian"  
15. "The End of This Keyboard" / sing-along"  
16. "Gravenimage"  
17. "Don't Say a Word"  
18. "The Cage"  
19. "Vodka / "Hava Nagila" - sing-along"  
20. "Draw Me (Outro)"  
Total length: 109:48
  • There is also a biography, discography and a bonus feature called "The Men of the North in the Land of the Rising Sun" in the extras section.



  • Recorded at Shibuya AX, Tokyo, Japan on 5 February 2005
  • Mixed by Pasi Kauppinen at Studio57
  • Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
  • Artwork by Gina "Ravnheart" Pitkänen


- On "Black Sheep", Tony Kakko sings different lyrics after the intro. Instead of singing "In love with the maiden, the flower of winter, lowbrow children, in grove of the inland", Tony sings "We're not Iron Maiden, we're not from England, we are Sonata, and we come from Finland." After this, however, Tony sings the lyrics as heard on the Silence album.

- In the middle of "Kingdom for a Heart" they play few lines from "Letter to Dana".

- In "Kingdom for a Heart", Tony changes the line "Treasure and crowns don't mean a thing" to "Treasure and crowns don't mean a shit".

- In the song "Shamandalie", Tony Kakko also changes the line "Time went by" to "Years went by".

- In "Full Moon", Tony changes the lyrics from "Sitting in a corner all alone" to "Standing in a corner all alone", and, at the end of the second verse changes "Mess on the floor again" to "Makes him insane to know".

- During the performance, the band did a medley of some of their other material; however, this was left out of the final cut of the DVD and album, to the disappointment of many fans.


  • All songs written by T. Kakko, except "Prelude For Reckoning" by Jani Liimatainen
  • Arrangements by Sonata Arctica