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The Forbes China Celebrity 100 is a list published annually by Forbes which ranks the influence of Chinese celebrities. It is similar to Celebrity 100 also published by Forbes. Factors that are taken into account include income, search engine hits, as well as exposure on newspapers, magazines and television. As of 2016, the list has been discontinued due to the cease operation of Forbes in China. In 2017, the list revived.

In 2010, the list started to include Chinese celebrities born in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and abroad. Prior to that it only included celebrities born in mainland China.

Top-10 List by Year[edit]

Year #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
2004 Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Zhao Wei Faye WongHK Gong Li Zhang Yimou Zhou Xun Leon LaiHK Sun Nan Jet LiUS
2005 Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Liu Xiang Zhao Wei Faye WongHK Zhang Yimou Zhou Xun Sun Nan Carina LauHK Fan Bingbing
2006 Yao Ming Zhou Xun Zhang Ziyi Zhao Wei Liu Xiang Li Yuchun Fan Bingbing Chen Kaige Sun Nan Li Bingbing
2007 Yao Ming Liu Xiang Zhang Yimou Zhang Ziyi Gong Li Zhou Xun Fan Bingbing Li Yuchun Xu Jinglei Carina LauHK
2008 Yao Ming Liu Xiang Jet LiUS Yi Jianlian Zhang Ziyi Fan Bingbing Zhao Wei Zhou Xun Li Bingbing Zhao Benshan
2009 Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Yi Jianlian Guo Jingjing Liu Xiang Jet LiUS Zhao Wei Fan Bingbing Zhou Xun Li Bingbing
2010 Jackie ChanHK Jay ChouTW Andy LauHK Yao Ming Zhang Ziyi Zhao Benshan Jolin TsaiTW Donnie YenHK Liu Xiang Fan Bingbing
2011 Andy LauHK Jay ChouTW Faye WongHK Jackie ChanHK Yao Ming Donnie YenHK Zhang Ziyi Jet LiSG Fan Bingbing Zhao Benshan
2012 Jay ChouTW Andy LauHK Fan Bingbing Faye WongHK Li Na Zhao Benshan Jolin TsaiTW Yao Ming Jackie ChanHK Lin Chi-lingTW
2013 Fan Bingbing Jay ChouTW Andy LauHK Jackie ChanHK Zhang Ziyi Eason ChanHK Yang Mi Huang Xiaoming Jolin TsaiTW Lin Chi-lingTW
2014 Fan Bingbing Andy LauHK Jay ChouTW Huang Xiaoming Zhang Ziyi Yang Mi Lin Chi-lingTW Li Na Nicky WuTW Jackie ChanHK
2015 Fan Bingbing Jay ChouTW Nicholas TseHK Jackie ChanHK Huang Xiaoming Sun Li Zhao Wei Andy LauHK Li Yifeng Eason ChanHK
2017 Fan Bingbing Lu Han Yang Mi Zhao Liying Yang Yang Liu Tao Jackie ChanHK AngelababyHK Jay ChouTW Kris WuCA