Forbidden Kingdoms

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Forbidden Kingdoms
RPG forbidkingd cover.jpg
Forbidden Kingdoms Master Codex cover
Designer(s) R. Hyrum Savage & Dave Webb
Publisher(s) OtherWorld Creations
Publication date 2001 (Forbidden Kingdoms), 2006 (Forbidden Kingdoms: Modern)
Genre(s) alternate history, alternate reality, fantasy, horror, pulp, speculation
System(s) d20 System, d20 Modern, Dungeons & Dragons variant

Forbidden Kingdoms is a Pulp magazine-inspired setting for Dungeons & Dragons and d20 Modern, written by R. Hyrum Savage and Dave Webb, and published by OtherWorld Creations.

Forbidden Kingdoms is set on an alternate history Earth, between the years 1889 and 1939. The setting includes rules for magic, psionics and martial arts, as well as weird science.


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